Buying a Harvey home or prior flooded home

Okay guys, gals, ladies and gents! It is important we have this discussion... Let's be honest here... Many first time home buyers do not know what to look for. It is up to the Realtor, to act as a teacher, to let you know that regardless of the expense associated with purchasing a home, DON'T BE CHEAP... Especially, where inspections are concerned. As we all know, Harvey was an anomaly. Regardless of whether a home flooded one time or fifteen times, do not ever say well, it just happened once, it should be okay.. I am not going to do inspections because it is too expensive. It is too expensive not too. Think about your health, the health of your children and the long term side effects and doctor visits you must continuously endure, not to mention the costs of finally remediating the problem, if you have the problem or having to move out of your home because it got so bad... The financial ramifications go beyond just finding a home, it is going to affect your homeostatic controls. 

My goal is to educate every buyer. I am not saying every home that has flooded will come back positive for mold. I am saying be sure that the home you choose is healthy enough for you to live in and build your new life in. No, we are not guaranteed it will not ever happen to us, but at least having a good start in a new home or area with having all the proper testing will set the first few chapters for you.. It will give you an opportunity to have a good start.. As I stated before, home inspections are not cheap, however, having them done can save you ALOT of headache, hassle and money early on. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me... I love to educate and really, I love to talk to new people and gain new insights. I think we can all learn something new every day if we are willing to just be who we are and be open to change :) Be blessed everyone...


Mary Dover

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