I quit smoking because of my BIG WHY. Are you?

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Does your BIG WHY big enough to guide you achieve what you plan for 2019? Why I quit smoke easily? How was my leg fixed? Why me and my wife have never yelled at each other, but love and respect?Look at the picture. She is one of my kid. They are my BIG WHY, and motivate me to write this message to share with you. 

“God, Family, then Business” this core value reflects my lifestyle. It may be yours, too.

Start your vision for one month, one year, five years or ten years with a clear BIG WHY, and I believe you can get where you aim for and what you vision for.

Luckily, I were born and raised in family with this core value. My parent lead us by example. They have a peaceful life. My mom smiles all the time. We care for each other, and we never yell at each other. Seven siblings help each other. I am so proud of them. 

Back to 1996, I had an accident and spent almost two years in hospital. I wrote my diary, and put God and Family as my BIG WHY and I vision my life. I vision that I will go to the best high school by bicycle (my leg was almost cut because of the doctor’s mistake during surgery). Nobody believes I could make it. Walking normally was already a challenge for me. 

I made it. I fixed my leg… 

…by driving bicycle every 10 miles to new top High school in province, sometime twice a day. I thought of my family, my BIG WHY. I must be example for all my younger brothers and sisters. They would success regardless of financial issue or health. 

I went to University, back to 2001, I created long term vision that I would work with the top global company and run my own company before 30. And all my family would no longer worry about money, and every one had opportunity to go to University. 

Guess what? I made it. 

Started my first career after graduation with Coca Cola, Kuehne + Nagel, Damco, and finally co-found own company Transcon in 2010, now Eagle. As a General Sales Manager with such core value, I lead our boat outstanding success. I put people before profits. 

BIG WHY leads me there. 

Moved for U.S. to live, my vision started over. I would graduate college in 2 years, I would be with the best in the Real Estate Industry, Keller Williams Realty to serve the best, and start running a Keller Williams office in 2027.

Guess what? I am making it. . . 

My second day in U.S. was to visit Lone Star College to register and I graduated 2 years later; and my second week, I visited Champion Real Estate school to ask for getting license process, and I will learn at the right time later. And I read books and stories about Keller Williams. Every day at Keller Williams  is a great day!

BIG WHY leads me there.

Thank you for reading with me!

You can read that long! I appreciate for that. I do hope my experience brings you value, and motivate you sit down and find our BIG WHY. 

Clarity Is Power (Bold)

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Find Your BIG WHY! Achieve Your BIG Goal! 

Best wishes,



Keller Williams Realty Platinum 

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