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Laura Austin

If you’re planning to downsize your home but aren’t sure where to start, creating a plan to complete the task can help make this daunting process easier. Whether it’s time downsize your own things in your Montgomery County home, or you need to help your parents or other family members, a planned approach will make a big difference and help keep everyone at ease.

First is to know clearly what your goal in downsizing is. Is it time to move? Do you need to renovate to allow for family to move in? Are you looking to simplify your life? Whatever the reason, the goal will be different, and this will help determine how you plan and what you action you take. If you’re moving to a smaller home for example, there’s likely going to be more narrowing down, than if you’re adjusting your home, say, for a family member moving in.

Start with the easy, yet bigger task of cleaning out your storage areas. Much of what we have in our basement, attic or garage, can probably be discarded or given away. If you have a lot of items you don’t use anymore in storage already, a yard sale may be just the thing to motivate you towards letting these things go. If you start in your home’s storage areas, you’re far more likely to cut down on a significant number of things in other rooms, right from the start. Seeing the progress made in downsizing your storage can help you stay focused and perhaps say, “Yes, it’s time for these things to go too.” As you pare down the living room.

Pile things up as you go through them. Create a keep, donate, or discard pile room by room. If you must, include a “maybe” pile, that way if you find there’s still too much being kept, you have a ready made selection to choose from, keeping in mind what you keep should have strong sentimental or practical value. Keep what you use, and store what has sentimental value. Get rid of the rest and take pride in the fact that your donated items are likely to help someone else or serve a new purpose.

Don’t forget to sort through what you are keeping. This is especially important If you’re moving, you won’t want to open every box in the house to find the things you’ll need right after you move in. Create an Open-First box for each room in your new house. This will save you a lot of time, stress, and possibly money because you won’t be faced with a run to the store for paper plates. For more great tips on downsizing, has an excellent article.

Downsizing can be daunting, but it can provide a great opportunity for a fresh new start too. You deserve a Realtor® who understands the unique challenges, concerns and issues facing you when it comes to selling or buying a home. As a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES®) designated Realtor®, I am proud to be able to offer my services to Seniors with a helping hand and caring heart. My desire to help educate my clients of ongoing specialized programs for homebuyers is also reflected by my Accredited Buyers Representative (ABR®) designation which includes my experience as a Certified New Home Buyer Representative. These designations provide you with insight towards my commitment in helping my clients whatever their needs may be. My team and I at  REALTY TEXAS LCA, Inc. are here for you. Call me, Laura Austin, at (281) 789-2911, or (936) 321-2977 or email me at You can also visit me at my website for available listings and additional information.

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