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Get Creative with Your Open Floorplan & Re-Zone Your Space

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Open floorplans help create an easy flow throughout your home. Sometimes with large houses though, an open floorplan can be a challenge when it comes to avoiding wasted space. When a space is too open, intimate gatherings can be hard to organize, and separating family activities can be a challenge of their own. If you’re looking for inspiration and creative ways to re-zone your open floorplan, some of the ideas listed below could be just what you need.

Half-walls are a great way to delineate space yet still retain an open atmosphere. With a half-wall creatively installed to separate parts of a large room, the comfort of having an airy space is retained while creating a cozier feeling. This type of architectural element is also relatively easy to add. With no need to worry about load-bearing walls, there’s flexibility in where you put them and how large or small they can be.

Rectangular Divides
Retain natural light within a large rectangular space, and separate activities, with framed windows and doors. This way, the view across the space isn’t obstructed, while the frames provide a way to section off areas.

Sectioning Off Stairs
If you’ve got an attractive staircase, leaving it open can be a good way to draw the eye to it. If your stairs aren’t a focal point of your home, however, you could section them off. Doing so will draw the eye away from the stairs, and into your open living space. You can also wall in the staircase with glass as a way to zone off the area while adding a unique architectural feature to your home.

Glass Dividing Features
Speaking of interior glass options, glass doorways help retain natural lighting in your home, while providing an easy way to separate spaces. With doorways added in, you can retain the option of a flowing floorplan when the doors are open and still close off space when needed.

Throw in Some Doors
While glass is great, in some homes, glass isn’t ideal. If you want to retain the traditional look of your home, don’t be afraid to install some doors and wooden partitions. French-style doors with glass insets also help keep the natural light in and an open floorplan visually.

All of these creative ideas can help you delineate space within a large open floorplan, and possibly help you sell it. Open floorplans are still popular among home builders, but according to the latest HAHB Survey, many homebuyers are also seeking more intimate spaces within floorplans too. Creating different zones in your main living space can be an attractive selling feature for potential buyers when you’re ready to sell. For more ideas on how to update an open floorplan, Realty Times has an excellent article worth reviewing.

Ultimately, your home should be how you want it, whether you want an open floorplan or a cozier setting. When the time is right to buy or sell your home, you want a community resource you can trust. My team and I are here to help with all your real estate needs! Call me, Laura Austin, at (281) 798-2911, or (936) 321-2977 or email me at You can also visit me at my website for available listings and additional information.

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