Own the Hawaiian Island of Molokai, or at least a big chunk of it!

The Molokai Ranch is up for sale.  It consists of approximately one-third of the island of Molokai, the fifth-largest island in Hawaii.  Price - $260 million.

The property is 55,575 acres of the island. Mark Zuckerberg had considered buying the property back in 2015, before he settled on a mere 750-acre property on the North Shore of Kauai.

The problem, or not a problem depending on how a person sees it, is that the land come without restrictions.   Its current owner, investment holding company GL Ltd., has over the years run into numerous issues with the island's 7,000 locals while attempting to develop various projects since the early 1990s.  Many locals view the entire island, including the Molokai Ranch as their homeland, and object to any development.  In response to local opposition, GL Ltd. shut down the ranch in 2008.  


Based on zoning and permissible land use the acreage is generally classified as follows.

  • 28.924 acres comprising two hotel properties: "The Lodge" at Maunaloa and the oceanfront "Kaluakoi Hotel"
  • 222.327 acres comprising the Kaluakoi Golf Course (currently closed) and the Ironwood Hills Golf Course (currently operated and maintained by a third party on land leased from Molokai Ranch)
  • 176.015 acres of Kaluakoi interior resort land
  • 100.575 acres of Kaluakoi oceanfront resort land
  • 1091.259 acres of additional vacant interior and oceanfront lots at Kaluakoi Resort
  • 841.959 acres of residential estates at Papohaku Ranch and Kaupoa
  • 48,398.353 acres of West, Central and Southeast Molokai agricultural lands
  • 4,116.740 acres of forested conservation lands
  • 28.825 acres of commercial properties in the vicinity of Kaunakakai Wharf and Kaunakakai Town
  • 84.751 acres of industrial properties at Maunaloa and Kualapu'u
  • 21.502 acres of Maunaloa residential properties
  • 294.992 acres of residential potential urban expansion land
  • 168.666 acres of infill lots, roadways, remnant lots, utilities, greenbelts and parks.

Total: 55,574.888 acres

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