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Summer Lawn Care Tips

10 Tips For Late Summer Lawn Care

1 Mow at the correct height
In summer, it's best to leave grass taller. Taller grass provides shades, reducing water evaporation, leads to deeper roots and prevents weed seeds from germinating. Ideal mowing height varies with the type of grass you have. Never remove more than 1/3 of the leaf surface at a time.

2 Water properly
For the healthiest grass, you need to water your lawn deeply & infrequently. Check with your local water authorities to see if their are water restrictions in place.

3 Treat for Grubs
Japanese beetles, June bugs (beetles) and European chafers lay eggs in grass in early to midsummer. Eggs hatch into grubs in mid- to late summer.

4 Clean up after your dog
If you see dying grass due to your dog’s urination, flush the area with water to dilute the urine in soil. Keep waste picked up and dispose of it properly.

5 Never park on the grass 
It leads to soil compaction, which can cause other problems, including dead grass. During drought or times of excessive heat, it’s even wise to limit foot traffic on grass to avoid damaging turf.

6 Keep the Mower blade Sharp
A dull mower blade tears grass and provides an opportunity for disease organisms. Sharpen your mower blade after 10 hours of mowing.

7 Leave the clippings there
If you’re mowing grass at the right height, you can leave them on the lawn. Grasscycling saves you time, money and fertilizer.

8 Fertilize warm-season grasses
Warm-season turf grows strongly during summer and needs nutrients.  

9 Remove litter.
Summer activities can result in toys, water games, lawn chairs or tools being left on turf. Pick-up everything to avoid damaging the grass or creating dangerous obstacles while mowing.

10. Control weeds
Apply weed preventative in late summer or early fall to help control existing weeds and prevent new ones. Read and follow label manufacturers instructions.  

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