Selling Your Home: Easy as Pi?

What comes to mind when you think of “Pi”? Most of us know pi as a never-ending number or simply as 3.14, but there is quite a bit more to it. Pi is an “irrational” number and a “constant” ratio in circles. Beyond knowing that pi is equal to 3.14, it is not very relevant in most of our lives… Or so we thought.

However, there is a constant and irrational number in real estate—the listing price of your home, and this does affect sellers and buyers.

The listing price of your home is the“constant” because almost every homeowner wants their home listed at a higher price than it should be. Real estate agents then “constantly” have to understand and come to terms with the reasons why this price is too high.

Even though a real estate agent will explain this, homeowners often still disregard this advice and “irrationally” list their home at the higher price anyway. Listing a home too high can make the process of selling your home go on and on forever, much like pi.

Unlike pi, this problem can be solved as there is a rational price at which to list every home on the market. This isn’t usually easy to figure out, but a real estate agent is your ally and knows how to properly analyze where the home should be priced. You need to find the right agent for you that will help perfectly price your home - not too high and not too low.

When listing your home, it’s crucial to determine and understand this rational price for your home on the market. Be patient and you will find that perfect balance!

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