6 Ways to Prep Your Home for Listing Photos

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Holly Thompson

Serious sellers attract serious buyers. Now, let's have some fun preparing for the big photo opportunity.

Approach this as if you're hosting a big party and you need the house and property to look incredible in order to make a good impression. Analogy aside, that is what putting photos of your house on the internet is like, but not everyone interested in the event will arrive at the same time.

Here's a tip: Photo editing can only do so much! So, put away, box up or send to storage anything you wouldn't want 7,000 people to see.

Getting Down To Business

Let's start at the curb and work our way around the property. Keep in mind, if you do all (or most) of these things for the photos, you won't have to do them again for showings.

1. Curb appeal counts. The street view is your first opportunity to make a good impression, so get it right. Power wash siding and walkways to give your home an instant facelift. Wash front windows, put down a clean doormat and add potted plants that are in bloom to make the entryway inviting.

2. For wood or stone tiles, shine shine shine! This actually helps the room appear larger in photos. Carpets should be clean and free of clutter.

3. Clean and de-clutter. Thousands of people will see these pictures. If you have too much "stuff" in the photos, that is all potential buyers will notice. The shoes in the hallway, kitchen utensils everywhere and so on. Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses, so put an extra emphasis on those areas. Make sure they are spotless! Clean towels are hung, counters only have a tasteful candle or flower arrangement and add a pleasant air freshener to match the season.

4. Get out the china. Set the table in the eating area to welcome guests. This preparation is for a party, remember? Treat your visitors to your finest table trimmings so they feel as though they belong. Flowers, place settings, candles and centerpieces all boost the festive atmosphere.

5. Capture the view. If you have a unique location or an appealing vantage point, pass that along to your party attendees as well. The one thing about real estate that cannot be changed is the view. If your have a spectacular view that is a selling point, throw open those blinds and pull back the curtains. If your view is less than appealing, make sure your windows have beautiful blinds that let in the light but you don't gaze outside.

6. Adjust the lighting. If you have a choice in the time of day for the shoot, schedule it for sunset. Homes look warm and inviting when all of the lights are on and casting a glow.

 You are now ready for the party! If you have any questions regarding preparing your home to sell, please contact

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