Should I Sell Now or Buy First?

Posted by Donna Burke Jun 02, 2014
The market has changed with the brisk home sales.  Currently there is a shortage of listings which is new territory for most agents.  I have never seen this in my 25 years in the business.  Most buyers are afraid to list their home because they have no where to go.  This is a concern.
What I have been doing and it is working is purchase your new home from a builder (and of course use a realtor to coordinate everything) and begin construction of a new home.  When you are about 2 months from closing on the new home, put your current home on the market.  If your home is in great condition and priced correctly, it will sell in about 2 weeks.  Builders will do contingency sales unlike home sellers.  Besides new homes are priced in with resales and everything will be new and fresh and energy efficient.
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