"Buyer's Market / Landlord Market"


I heard a funny saying from my friend Dave Daniels years ago referring to a mutual acquaintance: "Some people see the glass 1/2 full, and some see it 1/2 empty. That guy sees it full....of POISON!"
 Our mutual co-worker was a negative and cynical guy that was burned out on people and business in general; the kind of guy that sucked the sunlight out of the room and filled it with gloom and doom.
Today's changing real estate market brings what I like to call "The Perfect Storm" of events that can leave you dismayed or excited about opportunities, depending on your personal outlook. There has never been a time in my lifetime or career that you see so many factors that spell Buyer's Market and Landlord's Market or Investors Market at the same time.
When you add the combination of the record low interest rates, great real estate buys from both motivated sellers and or foreclosures/shortsales, etc., coupled with the fact that so many people cannot purchase and need housing so they must rent...well...the glass is at least 1/2 full of opportunity! (Not Poison!) First time homeowners with decent credit can purchase homes or townhomes and receive tax credits; investors can get homes at a huge value and the savvy realtor can find markets for his clients both buyers and sellers if they will think on their feet and outside of the box.
If you have ever wanted to become an investor and begin to build for your future, this is the time you should get with a trusted Real estate advisor who knows the financial ropes and how to help you acquire the property or properties you desire. If you can't flip what!?  You can have an additional tax write shelter and a hard asset that should rent with a cash flow benefit as well and then when the market has turned a corner you will be in position for a nice chunk of equity if you do your homework!  If you wait for the Perfect Storm to pass you may be kicking yourself when this is over.
So is this a good time to be investing or making that first purchase? That depends on your outlook. If you see the glass as 1/2 empty or FULL of Poison, don't do anything until you arm yourself with facts and proper information. If you see the glass 1/2 full you are in position to take full advantage of this rare season of opportunity!

One last quote from I'm not sure who:
"Those who do not take chances, do not make advances."

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