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Kitchen Remodels: Sinks Get Fancy, Colors Go Neutral

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So what are some recent trends when it comes to kitchen remodels and decorating? Here are five picks from an article I stumbled upon by Joaquin Erazo Jr., senior vice president of marketing and public relations at Case Design/Remodeling Inc.

1. Upgraded sinks: Sinks are getting fancier with built-in strainers, colanders, and even cutting boards. Pull-out, flexible faucets, as well as water-conserving faucets, are also gaining traction. Many sinks are also offering a deeper bowl for filling those large pots.

2. Work stations: Specialized stations — such as areas for making coffee, rolling out bread, or wine-tasting nooks — are growing in popularity.

3. Neutral colors: The most popular kitchen color choice? White, according to Erazo. Neutral colors, such as off-white and beige, are a popular choice because they offer flexibility in the decor of the kitchen.

4. Green: From cabinets to flooring, sustainable materials are catching on in the kitchen. Watch a video to see some of the sustainable products home owners are incorporating into their kitchens.

5. High-tech: Technology is everywhere in the kitchen, from stoves and dishwashers that save you time and energy to sound systems and computers. Refrigerators are available that have cable-ready televisions built in, and even some range hoods have built-in TVs and DVD players.

You can read all 10 of Erazo’s kitchen remodeling trend picks here.

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