Tips to Optimize Your Lake Homes Outdoor Space and Capabilities


If you like to host barbecues, birthday parties, anniversary parties and more at your lake home, you will love learning to optimize your outdoor living space with these expert tips!

Double Decker Dockoptimize

Double decker docks give you twice the amount of space within the same area.

These two story docks allow families to spread out and have fun by providing a second tier for dining, board games and sunbathing.

Some lake home owners install a diving board, slide or rope to increase the fun of splashing into the lake.

Families can also enjoy a more aerial view when barbecuing from the top story.

Screened in Porch

Screening in your porch allows you and your company to relax outside without being bombarded by pesky insects like gnats and mosquitoes.

A screened in porch also keeps furniture safe from deterioration caused by constant exposure to rain and sunlight.

Screened in porches also allow you to enjoy watching the rain and sleep in the cool summer evenings without having to be completely outdoors.

Other fun ways to utilize your screened in porch by  creating a hobby room and using it as a kids’ play room.


Benches are better for optimizing outdoor space than large, single person chairs. They take up less space and seat more guests at a time.

For additional seating, you can also purchase folding chairs that are easily stored once guest leave.


Having a fire-pit is a great way to stay warm and roast hot dogs while enjoying time with your guests.

Fire-pits that offer a table with matching chairs are a great way to optimize outdoor living space.

If cost is something that concerns you when considering a fire pit, take a look into some easy all in one kits at affordable prices at your local hardware store  

Storage Furniture

If you have a lot of lake items that you keep outside, you should utilize furniture with storage capabilities.

There are benches and tables that double as storage units to hold items such as toys, floats and hoses.

Furniture that serves a double purpose is always the best choice when you have limited space.

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