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As an avid dog lover, I must say that I am pleased that man's best friend is finally receiving the respect he deserves.  For centuries, the dog has been relegated to living life as a household pet.  A yearly trip to the vet and a safe and secure yard with adequate shelter, food and water was all he really needed.  But over the last twenty years or so, things have really changed for our little canine friends.

For many families, mans best friend is more than just a pet; they are an integral part of the family. Dont believe me?  Take a look around.  There is a multi-billion dollar business world that caters to these furry (or in the case of my dog, not so furry) little guys.  World class vet care, 5 star pet resorts, doggie day care centers and a plethora of dog friendly restaurants are just a few canine centric business models.  The days of bathing Fido in the back yard with the garden hose are gone!  Nowadays, he is pampered at the local doggie salon. Not only does he receive a bath and blowout, but he has the option of receiving a blueberry facial! (Yes its a real thing!)  And for some busy families, mobile pet salons are the preferred way to keep Fido looking his best.  Another big advent of this pro doggie generation is the now ubiquitous dog park.  

As a REALTOR® in the Greater Houston area, I am excited to say that there are a lot of dog friendly communities to choose from.  Dog parks are often considered a necessary amenity in newer planned communities as are walking paths with doggie cleanup areas.  If finding the perfect home for your family means making sure Fido's needs are also met, then you have come to the right place! 

Here are just a few communities that offer dog friendly amenities...

Grand Central Park- Conroe

Woodforest- Montgomery

Walden- Montgomery

Harpers Preserve- Conroe

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