Life in Cross Creek Ranch Fulshear Texas

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So many trails throughout Cross Creek Ranch in Fulshear Texas. Shared hike bike trails meander around lakes, over bridges, under trees, next to creeks, and across fields! So much to see on your walk it may take you longer than intended!

On any given day we see birds, some local and some migratory depending on the day and month. Lots of butterflies, dragonflies, alligators, fish, turtles, rabbits, and the occasional snake. Daily we see residents fishing, canoeing, and photographing wildlife, playing basketball, and ping pong at the outside tables, enjoying the pools or tennis or having a go at the frisbee golf along the creekside, climbing the hill, and watching the sunset.

Cross Creek Ranch embraces nature and living with the land and its many creatures. We have lived in west Houston since the early 90s and never have we seen so many animals as we have while living in Fulshear and Cross Creek Ranch!

If you are considering a move to Katy, Fulshear of west Houston call me... happy to share our little piece of adventure!

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