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At a young age I had been trained by the best to take care of the ones around you. Respect, Trust & Loyalty as each one, shall teach one, then we become one! I had also been store manager for the largest retailer in the world for 15 consecutive years and did my time off shore drilling for oil. Being store manager taught me how to treat others as if you are in there shoes and to do your best when given that option to do so. Drilling taught me discipline and to know how it really feels to win with hard work given.. In Real Estate I abide by the Wall Street way and believe the housing market is more Bullish then ever! I take all my experience and combine to success for my clients! So if you want to ride the BULL, then you ride with me. Don't let anyone get you by the horns so feel free to call/text or stop by for free advise. Wall Street 2ur Street as I be the agent that's hard to beat!..."The Bull" "working 24/7 for you" ...WIN is what I do!

Garris Real Estate
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Phone: (936) 856-3664
Fax: (936) 856-3705