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Tawnya Marney

Real Estate Driven Enterprise LLC
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Recent Participation

Looking for a realtor for inside-610 first time buyer.

Hi Michael. That's a good question. As has already been addressed you need to find someone who knows the Loop and those areas. It really is a different market than say The Woodlands or the Energy Corridor. Now, I want to add not every agent is going more...Posted 5 years ago

How do you answer your phone?

Generally I just answer Hello. Now if it's someone in my phone so I see who is calling I can tailor it to them. Which is why I input any agent, client, lead, title company person etc that I am working with. Posted 9 years ago

How to find out the seller''s name?

The best option is always to get the information from the listing agent. Check to see if any documents have been loaded on the property with the seller's signature and name such as the Seller's Disclosure. And, as has been stated check Realist. I also more...Posted 7 years ago

What Real Estate Publications are Your Go-to?

Welcome to the industry! As Kimberly said Facebook has a ton of great, helpful groups and sources for articles. Inman is good, and I also like the HAR / TAR / NAR magazines that are mailed out monthly. They all have some good information, but the HAR more...Posted 7 years ago

If a realtor find you a Tennant in your rental property how much percentage does the realtor get? and how does this work


The first thing to know is that commissions are always negotiable when you are choosing who to work with. However, most brokers have an office policy that states how much a listing with their firm should be for. As the previous answers have more...Posted 8 years ago

Difficult search in zip 77098 NEED HELP

Hi Elizabeth.

I checked the available inventory meeting your criteria and I can see why you feel it's a difficult search trying to find something to meet your budget. If you're not currently working with a Realtor give me a call. I would like more...Posted 8 years ago

I want to find an address of a listed or expired property

Hi Gwen.

As Janet said you cannot find an expired property as a consumer. Your REALTOR would have to locate the information for you. HAR's website allows you to search for currently listed homes with "Find a Home" or previously sold properties more...Posted 8 years ago

Need your definitions of GREEN?

Personally going green to me is about lifestyle and making sure everything I do, own and contribute to society is minimal impact. To explain - going green means lowering my personal carbon footprint so I'd choose to shop locally for regionally sourced more...Posted 8 years ago

What do you think about the New Home Specialist Certification?

I'm very interested in taking the class and getting the certification. purchased a new build home personally, I know from experience that there are things different from purchasing an existing home to know. Issues working with a builder, stages and more...Posted 8 years ago

What does "New Constr:" represent when searching for a home?

Hi. I'm assuming you mean when searching for homes on what "new constr" means? You're right, it is for newly constructed homes. The "Unfinished - Under construction" description means that the house has not been completed by the builder. The more...Posted 8 years ago

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