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where can I find a realtor for Timeshare selling?

At Houston Real Estate Radio we did a show on Time Shares and there's a lot to know! Even our expert only recommended time shares for unique situations. They are not good for most people. You may find yourself in that unique category, though. Please more...Posted 5 years ago

getting owners to pay closing fees

Great answer Catherine. In a normal buyers market the buyers are get concessions and in a normal sellers market you see fewer concessions in offers. However, we are in a very strange market. We still have many homeowners who may not be upside down more...Posted 5 years ago

what is required of a room for it to be considered a

According to the tax collector assessor every room that has a closet is a bedroom (except for the kitchen that has a pantry!) So you won't see a closet in the study. Posted 5 years ago

what does option pending mean

We get this question a lot. I think I'm going to do a radio segment on this because a lot of consumers want to know about it. Posted 5 years ago

How can I get a realtor to remove their lockbox from my door?

When you change your locks the locksmith can remove it. Great info posted on this one. Posted 5 years ago

How do you answer your phone?

The brokerage phone is answered "Thank you for calling Register Real Estate Advisors. This is Shannon, how may I help you?" Personal cell phone...varies. I save every number that calls me so I usually know who's calling before I answer : )Posted 5 years ago

What is the first step in becoming a landlord?

There are a lot of videos about this on I've posted one here where Jesse Brewer talks about tips for Landlords. There's a lot to know. I recommend his book to make sure you have the stomach for it first. If so, you might more...Posted 5 years ago

What determines the cost of property tax here in Houston? Is it Neighborhood? House's worth? Lot size?

We did a show about this on Houston Real Estate Radio last year with Don Sumners, who was the Tax Assessor Collector of Harris County. We will be airing a new show in a few weeks on NewsRadio 740 with the new Tax Assessor Collector for Harris County. more...Posted 5 years ago

As a newly licensed agent where can I find a mentor? I need something more than just classes at HAR.

Find an office that offers new agents a mentor, online training you can do on your own, and classroom training. You will need it all in the beginning. It's always nice to have a broker you feel comfortable talking to and asking questions. We offer more...Posted 5 years ago

Can I charge a "showing fee" for showing a property??

Interesting question and responses. For houses, I don't see it. But when selling a farm and ranch property you need a utility vehicle to show the land. When selling a lake house you need a boat. If I started charging to show those I could cut a little more...Posted 5 years ago

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