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How much is my home worth? Is the appraisal value the correct value?

It's probably helpful to understand how/what is being measured in a tax appraisal. In simple terms, they are measuring the "footprint" of your property on the land ... and the measurement is taken from the outside perimeter walls and calculated for more...Posted 4 years ago

Wordpress Plugins for HAR?

There are a number of them as the Wordpress platform is utilized heavily by independent real estate agents. Google a search string " Wordpress plug ins for real estate" and take your pick" -- Homefinder comes to mind, but there are others. Posted 4 years ago

What does PSHO mean?

As stated, the property has a contract but the Seller/Agent has elected to continue showing it to (other) potential buyers. Why? This is a strategy on the part of the Seller/Agent to obtain the optimum use of the marketing "buzz" surrounding the property more...Posted 4 years ago

How come Kingwood is not in the search for cities on the website

There's several ways to do this. First .. on the front page ... make sure your search area is Houston/Gulf Coast instead of "All of Texas". You can change it in the search box or if you want to "set it" as the majority of your searches will be for Houston/Gulf more...Posted 4 years ago

Should I get a "Home inspection?"

You didn't say the type of property ...but even if it is new construction / being constructed I recommend it. When my own home was built I had "staged" inspections done as the building progressed. You'd be amazed what they found .. so yes ... if you more...Posted 4 years ago

When do you think houses for sale will peak in number?

Last year wasn't "normal" by any stretch of the imagination. But GENERALLY the peak listing season is Spring and the peak selling season is Summer... and yes, the school year is often a major factor, particularly for neighborhoods with lots of families. more...Posted 4 years ago

Where may I leave reviews and feedback on an agent we worked with?

While all of the above are correct, it's also always appropriate to drop a note to the agent's broker. The agent represents the broker's brand --- and all reviews / feedback (good or bad) are appropriate to bring to the broker's attention. Posted 4 years ago

Are there Realtors that help you get your house ready?

Yes, most of the agents I work with have a whole host of professionals they can bring to bear on your property to get it ready for the market .. GC's, painters, plasterers, landscapers, window washers, floor refinishers, etc. But I think the real value more...Posted 4 years ago

As an agent, will you show a home that is in Option Pending? And do you want your listings showing during Option Pendin

Products like mine are able to "show" the house in great detail without the buyer being physically in the home... so my agent clients are able to give their home sellers a "rest", but not give up meaningful and engaging marketing in the interim. We've more...Posted 5 years ago

How Is Zillow Getting My Actual Purchase Price?

There are a number of new resources evolving that make that transaction data more and more transparent. Case in point is this new start-up right here in Houston:
Once its "out there" .. its easy for it to "get legs" and travel more...Posted 5 years ago

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