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what are the pros and cons of living in an apartment in Austin ?

The pros and cons of living in an apartment in Austin really depend on each individual's situation and only you can answer that question. The main pros are flexibility in the event that you make a move and the biggest drawback would be that you won't more...Posted 2 months ago

First time home buyer help?

There are so many different types of First time home buyer programs available to folks whether national programs or local programs. For instance, the first time home buyer programs available nationally may relate specifically to the type of loan the more...Posted 6 months ago


With so many folks moving to different cities all around the country it's important to make sure you're moving to the right city for you! Houston, Dallas, Autin, San Antonio are some of the most popular areas in Texas and then you have other great cities more...Posted 4 months ago

What’s the average life of a roof with shingles VS a roof of metal before it need to be replace? Thank you

There are so many differences between roofs especially when they are subject to different types of weather conditions. With that being said there are a few ways to sort of estimate the lifetime of your roof when you know what types of shingles. Your more...Posted 3 months ago

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