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I have 2 unpaid broken leases 12-14 yrs ago. One included fees for damages. Should I still report this when applying

Disclosures protect all parties in a real estate transaction. The best business practice is to disclose and explain.Posted 1 year ago

Pool construction loan

Verify with the lender, but I've heard typically an FHA 203K loan is used.Posted 1 month ago

I have an online new member orientation scheduled for tomorrow but don't know how to access it

Good Morning, I am your instructor for today’s class. If you are registered for the class, you should have received a confirmation email to the email address you provided to HAR when you joined. This morning by 8am you will receive the link for the more...Posted 1 month ago

What recourse does a buyer have, after the closing, when they finf multiple issues, the inspecters or certified professionals, neglected or brushed off?

It sounds like it is time to seek legal advice. Be sure not to provide advice that could be interpreted as legal advice. Depending on the result of the legal advice, the client can file formal complaints with TREC providing the details from the legal more...Posted 2 months ago

If I rent out my house which has already been under homeowner insurance, should I need to buy landlord's insurance too ? Thank you !

It is very important to purchase landlord insurance because homeowner's insurance does not cover you in the case of being a landlord. In addition, I recommend you have the tenants also purchase renter's insurance.Posted 4 years ago

What are the consequences if the seller fails to provide the buyer with the Seller’s Real Property Disclosure form?

Failure to disclose tend to lead to remedies which are describe in Paragraph 15 of the 1-4 Single Family Contract. This usually means LEGAL issues.Posted 8 months ago

At what point can inspection of home take place?

When purchasing a home, you first go through an option period, which is when inspections take place. The period allows you to terminate the transaction based on your finding. I've owned and sold my home in PR and have also relocated to TX from NY. more...Posted 8 months ago

Is it possible to rent a house with past eviction?

Yes it is possible, however, keep in mind that each landlord has their tenant selection criteria for qualifying tenants. It also depends on the reason for the eviction.Posted 8 months ago

My wife and I are looking at a house and we're worried about negotiating after the inspection, can someone help?

The option period is key for allowing you to negotiate after inspections. Be sure to extend your option period if agreement as not been achieved.Posted 2 years ago

does anybody accept section 8 anymore

Often landlords are not aware of the benefits of lease to a Section 8 tenant. I have found that once I've explained the benefits, they have become Section 8 landlords.Posted 1 year ago

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