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Is my client bound to perform if they agreed to sell a property to buyer at a specified price through text message?

Anything in writing can potentially commit you to performing. This is an issue where legal counseling should be sought.Posted 3 months ago

Credit score is low but I have a lot of money

The home I can help you find for lease will likely as you to provide a larger security deposit base on your credit score. During your lease, I'd recommend working with a credit repair service to make sure your credit score sparkles.Posted 3 months ago

I’m trying to find a home there is a section 8

There are searches that you can have Sec 8 properties sent to you automatically. In addition, there may be an opportunity to use the Sec 8 Voucher to possibly purchase a property. Feel free to contact me for more details. Richard@RivichRealty.comPosted 3 months ago

agent response times

A good Realtor® knows that response time is key! Typically that is one of the differentiating factors that determine an agent you'd want to work with!Posted 7 months ago

We are sellers of the home, close date on our home is in a few days, can we back out?

The best way to proceed with any issues that could cause you to be in default of a real estate transaction is to consult a real estate attorney. Keep in mind it should be a REAL ESTATE attorney not just an attorney.nPosted 7 months ago

Does a buyer have any recourse if an appraisal doesn't seem accurate? In our case, we're afraid it will be too high.

You need to be very careful with your verbiage in real estate. You could put your clients at jeopardy. Be sure to review you brokerage policies and procedures.Posted 3 years ago

Relocating to Texas from Illinois Dallas, Denton area realtors who can help me with a housing voucher

Any Realtor® can assist you with lease a home with a voucher. The key factor is that the landlord is setup in the voucher program.Posted 9 months ago

Is there a way to set an alert to be notified when a certain address goes active?

A Realtor can create a custom search for their client to inform them about property status.Posted 9 months ago

I have a voucher for a 3 bedroom cant go over 1,300

I have help many clients with vouchers and it depends on your needs. Everything is negotiable and we can possibly find something if I understand your needs. Feel free to contact me at Richard@RivichRealty.comPosted 11 months ago

How to find locations with no HOA?

In MATRIX, add the field called HOA Mandatory and search for “N”. Remember when you add a field, you do so at the bottom of the criteria screen, and whatever fields you add will appear at the the bottom of the crienla screen.Posted 11 months ago

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