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How does section 8 housing affect the surrounding home value?

Section 8 housing is only a program that pays and assist low income clients to afford suitable safe homes to live in. Foreclosures, short sales, lack of new construction, etc affects the value in neighborhoods. That is a stereotype mentality that assumes more...Posted 6 months ago

When is the last date home owners can file for exemption?

I usually send out a postcard and have them do it when they file their income taxes to avoid them forgetting to get it done and help them to avoid the scammers that send them letters charging a fee to do it and most times it is not done and the owner more...Posted 6 months ago

Should home owners be at the open house?

I do not recommend it. Owners may have good intentions but can make or break a sell if the wrong thing is said or done. And some buyers feel more comfortable being able to see themselves in the home as their ownPosted 6 months ago

Can someone recommend a reliable moving company who shows up on time and do not hold your belongings hostage?

I have built a relationship with 3 men movers in Houston. The best option is to check with other realtors to see who they work with. I also use Veteran Movers since I am a vet. Just a few that I usenPosted 6 months ago

What are the pro and con of section 8 housing?

I have worked with section 8 since 1997. Some of the Prosn1. Consistent Rent Payment by the Governmentn2. Consistent Tenant Basen3. Underutilized Niche Marketn4. Whether the client has a job or not the monthly payments are made directly to the landlord more...Posted 6 months ago

Given the City of Houston does not require General Contractor to be licensed, can anyone please recommend a reliable GC?

do your due diligence and check all references, background, facebook, various social media sites. Ask friends, neighbors, etc who they are using and their experiences. Also check with some of the insurance companies. Google the company names etc. more...Posted 6 months ago

I need to pay my annual membership dues. Where do I do that?

go to HAR under my accountPosted 7 months ago

Rental locator service

Good evening. I am a apartment locator. i have been with apartment data. Bu there are companies that you can google and sign up with them for a fee. apartmentdata is free. One fyi. is that you have to make sure the client puts your information down, more...Posted 8 months ago

total hours for continuing education

Active sales agent license renewal requirementsnnComplete 18 hours of approved Continuing Education (CE) coursesn8 hours of TREC Legal Update I and II; andn10 hours of elective CEnIf you have been made a supervisor by your broker, you may also need to more...Posted 8 months ago

how to register online for basic matrix

check under training or ask your brokerage or other agents in the brokeragePosted 8 months ago

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