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What is the best way for advertising for new agents?

Rania:nnI am fairly new in this industry and had the same questions about advertising. Of course eventually you will want to set a marketing budget, but it is my thought that you shouldn't spend too much money before you start making money. Here is what more...Posted 5 months ago

How many continuing education class hours do I have?

Kristin:nnGo to TREC and log in. Your account should contain all the approved CE courses you have taken so far. If they do not appear, you may want to go back to your CE provider and make sure they have your correct TREC more...Posted 5 months ago

Can I obtain a date or report for any inspection for a property?

Hi Denise - nnThe inspection is usually paid for and ordered by the home buyer. Therefore, the report belongs to him/her. However, when adjustments are being negotiated, the buyer agent usually provides the findings to the seller as proof for remediation more...Posted 8 months ago

How do I contact the real estate agent? He doesn't answered my phone calls

Hi Norma:nnUnfortunately, the best indicator of future behavior is past behavior. It doesn't seem this Realtor is going to be consistent. You may want to look for another Realtor who can represent your interests. Please remember that it is the seller more...Posted 7 months ago

Can you list FSBO on here

Hello Angela --nUnfortunately, as stated by the other agents, FSBO listings cannot be posted on the MLS. I understand that some home owners prefer not to pay commission, but you will find that the commission is well worth the service and attention you more...Posted 8 months ago

If the living area is different from the appraisal value, the actual size should be reported to the appraisal office?

Mr Lee -nnThere are many reasons why the tax appraisal district may have the wrong square footage for your home. One of those could be that the area was added onto by a previous owner. For example adding another bedroom or bathroom or expanding the kitchen. more...Posted 7 months ago

Is buying a piece of land and building your own house a good idea?

Hi Re Za--nThe answer is never black or white. It all depends. If you are looking for a starter home and build some equity, this is not a good idea. For that, you should buy an older home that you can still fix a little bit, build some equity and then more...Posted 10 months ago

What are the differences between option pending, pending-continue to show, and pending?

Hi Lauren --nAll these terms can get confusing but you have a great concern. Option pending is the period (optional but very recommended) when the buyer does their due diligence : secure financing, inspections, appraisals, etc. The buyer pays for this more...Posted 8 months ago

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