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When to start calling agents?

I will start calling Me ;-) 60 days to 45 days before your move-in date. Market is pretty active in some areas.

Getting a sharp Real Estate Agent will help you to do not waste time.

Good luck and call me if you get a chance.

Max more...Posted 8 years ago

How important is it to have a Master Bedroom on the main level in Houston for resale value? Thanks!

Hello there,

No master bedroom on the main floor can be a little issue when you may resale your property. You want to have all your chances when you resale.
Floor plans are improving years after years. Keep that in mind.

If you need more...Posted 8 years ago

I am looking to buy a home, first time homebuyer, I have heard of different options just don't know which one to do?

Great! You can call me anytime I am working 7/7. Hopefully you already have your pre-approval letter and know what you can afford.

Call me anytime. Max at 832-274-8925

Posted 8 years ago

I am looking for a separate (2 homes) mother in law house on one plot fortbend tx can keep horse.


Are you working with a realtor yet? If not call me anytime. 832-274-8925. My name is Max. It looks like you need a property with no restriction. Talk to you soon. MaxPosted 8 years ago

I signed a buyer agreement yesterday, now questioning if I'm with the right agent, can I get out it?

Ask gently your agent if you can terminate the contract. If you do not feel comfortable with her/him. There is no reason for both of you to keep working together. It happensPosted 8 years ago

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