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If you had to pick one quality in a lender to work with, what would it be?

Proactivity (the ability to foresee problems or issues and work on fixing them with ample lead time before they become a bigger problem) Posted 16 hours ago

any information about houston for newcomer

As far as finding a home or area to live, the most important thing to know about Houston is that it is so large and spread out, it is comprised of many, many submarkets. nAnd each submarket and suburb of Houston — as well as the interior areas of Houston more...Posted 3 months ago


Yes, it can. But if the current owner secures a tenant and decides to sell the house in the future while the tenant is renting it, the new owner will be legally required to assume the existing lease at closing. In addition, the new owner will then have more...Posted 3 months ago

Is HAR for all over USA?

No, it is not. Anyone, anywhere in the country with access to the internet can login to as a consumer and see HAR member’s listings. However, only show listings that have been entered by an agent that is a member of HAR. If a Houston/HAR more...Posted 6 months ago

Does a listing agent legally have to change property to option pending?

Yes. From the day the contract was executed, the listing agent has 3 days to change the status from “active” to “option pending.” This gives time for the buyers to drop earnest money to secure the deal and for the listing agent and/or their administrative more...Posted 1 year ago

I have a new listing in Beaumont. Besides is there any other mls I should use? feeds all third-party sites. So once you enter the listing into HAR, give it a couplendays to fully populate, and will be visible on all other sites. nIn addition, if you pay to be a member of the Beaumont MLS, you could add it there as well. more...Posted 1 year ago

Do exclusions in a listing contract protect your clients items if not listed in a 1-4 contract?

No. The exclusions listed in the listing contract do not protect your seller. Exclusions should be noted in the listing in the MLS and also written into the 1-4 contract. It is also proactive to further document any exclusions by adding photos and more...Posted 2 years ago

What do sellers want?

Sellers THINK they want an agent that will list their house as high as possible. But that is not what they NEED. They need an agent that is extremely up-front and honest and doesn’t waste their time by over-promising and under-delivering. They need more...Posted 2 years ago

Where is the Broker’s Open House schedule?

If you’d like to see which of your firm’s listings are scheduled to be held open in the near future, you can search open houses on HAR/Matrix. nnWithin your brokerage, If you would like to hold a house open that is not your listing, you would need more...Posted 2 years ago

Can I make a list of homes from mls on platinum to advertise online as a group of homes under a dollar amount

Yes, you absolutely can. One of the great things about HAR is the access we have to tech tools integrated into our MLS for us as agents. nnTo generate a link to a specific list of homes that are on the market, you must first login to HAR. Next, instead more...Posted 2 years ago

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