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Can a seller deny buyer to do a final walk through?

All good answers. Buyer gets to inspect at "reasonable times". Two steps to solve your dilemma maybe: Gently let listing agent know the buyer will insist on a walk. And two, have understanding the listing agent is too busy, ask if seller can possibly more...Posted 1 year ago

Does an agent representing the seller have the fiduciary duty to disclose to buyers it’s in the floodway?

Short and best answer is yes always if you know it's in the floodway. As fiduciary, the listing agent/broker must disclose this significant fact to keep the client out of the courthouse. Try to keep it simple, but know that things can get complicated. more...Posted 2 years ago

Where can I get accurate information about buying near a fault line?

USGS has a hi-res pdf here:'s a large file, and you can zoom in a lot. If you are good w screen shots and photoshop, you can superimpose a zoomed-in image onto a google map. I put the site more...Posted 3 years ago

What solutions will you recommend when appraisal of loan coming in lower than sales price?

Good answers here, but not mentioned, and maybe too obvious, buyer and seller can negotiate a combination of more cash from buyer and lower price from seller. Buyer cash reserves will need to be re-considered by lender. Keep in mind the Financing Addendum more...Posted 4 years ago

How to find the previous listing of the house in HAR?

Sharon McElrath has it exactly right, and I love the way she puts "less is more". Just meditate on Sharon's deep digital wisdom for a few minutes. That awesome search box at the home page of Matrix will pull all statuses all dates and all property more...Posted 4 years ago

Are there terms on the tax profile that would assist in determining if a home is in the City Of Houston VS. ETJ areas of Houston.

There's a list of all the tax entities (and the rate and annual tax amount) under the label "Jurisdiction" about a third of the way down in the realist tax record. If City of Houston or any city in Harris County appears in that list, it's in the city more...Posted 4 years ago

I am looking for new construction in zip code 77047. Does anyone know of any?

Looks like 4 built 2017 or 4 years ago

Contract / pending status

Benjamin Ramos has it right. You might want to ask your agent to make a request to the listing agent to change the status. If still not done in a couple days, a quick email to the broker might get something done. As a last resort, you can report the more...Posted 4 years ago

Repair or replace galvanized pipe in house?

Heck yeah replace that galvanized pipe w pex. Hot water side will most likely start leaking first, so that's a good place to start on a tight budget.Posted 4 years ago

Whats a pool worth if all the comps I run are minus a pool?

I like all these answers. Just to expand on Mark's a little bit:nObviously needs work/plaster $0 (could even require a discount if it poses a perceived hazard or large rehab expense)npool no spa maybe $10-$15Knpool and spa maybe $15-$20KnOver the top more...Posted 4 years ago

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