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"We Custom Create Interactive Property Plans That Sell Homes Faster and For a Better Price. In Last 5 Years, 29% Have Sold OVER List !"

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I am looking for a competent agent to service upscale lisitings and buyers

Using the HAR.com tools to slice-and-dice the data for your inspection will serve you well. My suggestion would be to search for "similar" properties/clients that you are representing .. ie. set your search criteria for the same price range, the same more...Posted 2 years ago

Where should I advertise my listing internationally?

Wherever you choose to market your listing (and there are some good suggestions here), you may consider having foreign-language materials created in the language of your target market. I create foreign-language interactive floor plans for my clients more...Posted 2 years ago

I'm new to Real Estate and want to know the names of neighborhoods by zip codes. where would I look?

In the top menu bar of Har.com ... mouse-over NEIGHBORHOODS and the roll-down menu will show you several choices... near the bottom select ZIP CODES. Select the zip code of choice from the array displayed. When your zip code launches .. you'll see more...Posted 4 years ago

Can I search for Open Houses on my BookMarks?

Walk me through how you are setting bookmarks. The reason I'm asking is that I DO get emails for open houses (as well as price changes, etc. ) when I FAVORITE a listing. Clicking on the little heart-shaped icon thingie. Is that what you are doing or more...Posted 8 years ago

Do I need a realtor if I am looking at new construction?

You don't "need" one, you could do it yourself .. but why would you want to? The builder is paying the fee for you to have the agent .. hellooo?? On my new construction home I used an agent .. and she saved me money and "smoothed over" some minor problems/disagreements. more...Posted 4 years ago

Other than MLS, what else can a real estate agent do to market the home?

Not all agents budget the same for marketing. You need to understand "what" your agent intends to do and be on-board with that, and the only way to do that is to have that specific conversation with them before you sign your listing agreement. Talk more...Posted 4 years ago

What is best time to sell house in Southwest Houston area ? What''s avg. time for selling a house ?

Inventory is low in Houston now and it is considered a Seller's market. What that means is the demand for homes from Buyers is greater than the current amount of homes for sale on the market --- thereby creating market conditions that are advantageous more...Posted 5 years ago

Virtual Staging - Is it deceptive? Is it against the Code of Ethics?

I would be cautious and find out "how" it is done; I can see how it might be deceptive to a consumer. Furniture in a property, gives scale to the space. Consumers note that a "3-cushion" sofa fit in that space when they saw it. Or the breakfast room more...Posted 8 years ago

Is there an easy way to market your listings to Mexico City, Mexico? Other than in HAR under the Int'l code.

You may consider using an interactive floor plan included in your marketing materials. Because of the geographical distance between the property and the buyer, a floor plan allows potential buyers to "see" the property in great detail. Also, the strong more...Posted 10 years ago

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