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My app didn't show for sale houses.

Contact HAR technology dept. All the best! nnJoe AnnPosted 2 weeks ago

An investor wanted to know the best way to subdivide acreage that is on restricted into a subdivision, which is the quickest and lowest cost approach?

Edith, your question is not clear. However; I would start with the City or county the property is located. I would advise referring to the City or County planning and development department who usually regulates plating, subdividing, and subdivision more...Posted 1 month ago

Buyer is buying a home through VA financing addendum, he made offer that was executed and ready to close but the appraiser came and property did not make value. However, the buyer did not have additional money to come out of pocket and the seller ref

Check the third party financing addendum for FHA/VA financing paragraph 4 for buyer protection to terminate. A new Apprisal form is available for this exact purpose to protect buyer in case value is not met. From experience the seller is not obligated more...Posted 2 months ago

A seller refused to allow my buyer to do a final walk prior to closing. Is that legal?

Curious to know if the seller did a leaseback and remained in the home at closing or if the home was vacant prior to closing. The buyer final walk through and document is not an agreement between the buyer and seller, or agreed within the contract or more...Posted 2 months ago

What happens if a buyer files Homestead and he’s over 65 can’t they claim both over 65 and Homestead exemption?

Buyer can file the regular homestead exemption.nIf the buyer is 65 he will received additional discount.Posted 2 months ago

A buyer purchased the property from Lennar/Village Builder and Title company was Calatlantic homes Texas Title who’s affiliated with the builders.After a closing in 2019 a hud statement Was given to her to file her home state exemption which she did.

Yes, check with the title company to make sure it’s recorded in the buyers name. If not the title company will straighten it out. Sound like the builder has an interest in the title company as well. At times the appraisal district error and do not more...Posted 3 months ago

How much is seniors exemption on property taxes?

Homestead Exemption for SeniorsnAll Texas property owners can apply for a homestead exemption that reduces the taxable property value, which in turn reduces the amount of their annual property tax bill. As long as the property is the homeowner’s principal more...Posted 3 months ago

Is refinancing your home after the age of 60 worth it?

It can be worth it at 60 if there’s a clear financial plan.nIf your current interest rate on the home is at least 2 points over the current market rate you can save. nKeep In mind the cost to refinance is like a new loan. nYou can pay these expenses more...Posted 3 months ago

I am a new do I generate leads?

Congratulations! Welcome to one of the most rewarding careers. There are many ways to generate leads.nSome agents pay a third-party company to provide monthly prospects. Not all leads are equal, and it's annart to manage and convert them. Your social more...Posted 5 months ago

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