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How can you determine discrimination for a denied rental application? Applicant has all criteria required ? What to do ?

Burden of Proof would be hard, Unless the Owner/Agent was openly discriminatory in-front of other about your specific client. nJust because someone meet the criteria doesn’t mean they will be approved for that property. Posted 11 months ago

home insurance for condo?

Depends on the condo and the lender. “Typically” owner would cover walls in, Maintance and. Outside common areas by association guidelines. Reminder every association is going to be different.. So, like all thing real estate no one rule fits all! more...Posted 1 year ago

is option period still good after signing amendment?

If the remainder of Option was not waived on the Amendment, then you are still in the Option Period. The option period is specified in days, unless waived. nPosted 1 year ago

I need auto signature for computer

Personally I have used several programs, If you are a Platinum Subscriber you ca use Authentisign in Transaction desk. My clients like this option as it is very user friendly! Posted 2 years ago

Affordable housing in Houston?

Hello Mary,n Depending on what part of Houston you are looking, as different areas have different programs. First step is to work with a lender that has access to grants and Realtor Designated as an Affordable Home Specialist to guide you thru the process. more...Posted 2 years ago

Would like more info

On? Posted 2 years ago

How soon after signing the listing Agreement must the property be entered into the MLS?

Depends on what your listing agreement says, may need to hold off to get the property show ready and photographed! n*** Yet you will need proper paperwork if keeping it out of MLS for longer than each Association's agreed time. HAR is 3 daysnIt is possible more...Posted 2 years ago

Do brokerages in Houston allow Realtors from other brokerages to hold open houses on their listings?

Just depends on your Brokers answer, Some will allow you to others won't. E&O insurance is the most common answer if it a No. It never hurts to ask! Good Luck! Posted 3 years ago

Looking for Real Estate Broker that are helpful for New Agents

I would suggest you schedule a couple of appointments, go tour offices that are in your area. Look at what everyone has to offer then decide what work best for you! Each office is going to have a different feel to it, and what works for some wont for more...Posted 3 years ago

Did HAR Remove the PROP HARVEY FLOOD field?

Gone! Temporary information, yet should be on Seller’s Disclosures if claim was made.... only listings that may show is ones that were u out before the beginning of the year.. Not a required field at this time! Posted 3 years ago

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