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How to find more investment properties for my clients

As mentioned,we need for information to give you feedback. nnLocations? specific types of houses? full or partial rehabs?Posted 5 months ago

Any good Real Estate Attorney recommendations for a lease to purchase in the North Houston/The Woodlands area?

Gabrielle, nnAlthough I can't help you specifically with any names, I would think you could call around to 3 or 4 law firms in the area to see if they specialize in this? nnBest of luck, The Woodlands has really been growing. I'm sure there's attorneys more...Posted 6 months ago

Suggestions on buying a Investment / Rental property in or around Katy

Sangeet, nnThat's exciting that you're aggressively trying to pick up another property. Best of luck to you!nnI would recommend getting a good estimate of how much a house will rent for, in subdivisions of Katy or other areas you have interest in. more...Posted 6 months ago

I have saved 7 houses and only 2 are showing. What is wrong with your website?

Beverly, nnDepending on if you are logged in or not with a consumer account ( top right corner) , the saved/ favorited properties might not stay there after a day or more. nnI hope this helps, feel free to email me with any other questions. Posted 6 months ago

Does a room have to have a closet?

Great question, and excellent answer above. I've been in several houses and condos recently with non-standard rooms, and it's nice to know what qualifies for a proper room. Posted 8 months ago

What is current int rate

As of mid-June, the interest rate we got for an INVESTMENT property loan was 5.5%. That's with over 800 credit. nnIt was a learning experience for me to find that out, that rates are noticeably higher when it's not your homestead. Posted 7 months ago

Buyer's or Seller's Market?

I've seen some strong evidence that this is a sellers market, all around the North and Northeast parts of Houston, especially in the $120 - $200k range.nnI can't speak for the luxury market.Posted 7 months ago

Discount Commissions

I know my response is about 2 yrs. after the original post, but I've notices flat rates occasionally on leases for sure. ( $200 - 300 for buyer agent) Posted 3 years ago

Is it better to use a bank or private company as a lender?

Often you should be able to ask a real estate agent for some suggestions, and they should give you at least 2 - 3 lenders. Some specialize in speedy response, personalized contacts, or trying to give you different approaches depending on how much more...Posted 10 months ago

Is wall paper coming back in style?

Very good discussion here, and I must agree it depends on the situation, area of the city, market etc. nnWallpaper will likely show someone's style and personality, but might garner too much attention if you are selling your home and just might turn more...Posted 2 years ago

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