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Are any of you familiar with lenders that offer loans for vacant land?

Houston Community Bank. (281) 537-7200 Mr Al Dean. nnOr any small bank close to the property can usually help out. Posted 3 months ago

how to lease a house

get a property management company, TEXdot Property Management, Inc. We can run a credit and criminal background check. The process will be very smooth.Posted 9 months ago

I need help on how to interpret an HOA budget for a condo. Who can help me? CPA or a real estate lawyer?

If the budget doesn’t make sense, something can’t be right. nnA real estate attorneys that work with Associations would be a good fit for you. nnAnother option is to see another Associations budget to compare it to. Posted 9 months ago

Looking to buy 5 rental properties in Houston and surrounding areas.

The CAP you speak of, is it ALL the money to invest? Or per purchase? Posted 9 months ago

My buyer is currently under contract and out of the option period.... he just received notice yesterday that he is being promoted and relocated out of Texas, can he get his earnest money back?

Just be honest tell the LA what is transpiring. You’ll be surprised how understanding people can be and if not well I’m sure they’ll want to get back on the market right away. Posted 9 months ago

Where can I get accurate information about buying near a fault line?

You can contact the Corp or Engineers in the county or city you are purchasing in. I find general consumers are not aware of fault lines. Posted 9 months ago

Management company who will lease with Low credit score excellent rental history high income

Most management companies will lease to someone with a low score if they can provide one year rent upfront. Keep in mind most tenants have a 580 score. Not sure where your score is, best of luck. Posted 9 months ago

I want to rent a home and I keep getting denied for credit history and background from 12yrs ago.I have good income

Offer one year of full month's rent when you move in (upfront); stay in the same property for a couple years, then try to build from there. Posted 9 months ago

Best Real Estate Broker for new agent ?

Hi John, we are looking for an intern. Let me know if you have any interest.Posted 10 months ago

The property behind our home is listed on hcad as residential but it being used as a porta-potti storgae area.

Dear Miss Kathy,

Harris county has an abatement program. This program is to enforce clean properties. All counties are going to have concerns about water run off, water drainage, EPA. Best of luck!Posted 5 years ago

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