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Looking for investment properties in Pasadena or surrrounding areas to either flip or hold and rent.

Hi Paul. Get ready for some fun! What others have said is true. Find an agent that knows investing is very important. Most agents with no investment experience or don't own any may not be able to guide you through the process. Just because a home is more...Posted 1 year ago

Are you required to put up money in for the option ?

Short answer is yes. The main option fee must be paid or there is no option period. There must be at least consideration for the fee (at least $1 and up). Paragraph 23's specific language would say the option paragraph is not even part of the contract more...Posted 1 year ago

Help i need more space

Hi Noah. Get in touch with an agent who knows the area you're trying to lease. Make sure the landlord provides you with a Tenant Selection Criteria so you know what the landlord is basing his decision on. If there is anything on there that you're not more...Posted 1 year ago

My Rental Lease: Is this the proper way to do things?

Hi. Take a look at your current lease agreement to see what it says about lease renewal and how many days you and/or the landlord should give written notice. Typically it's 30 to 60 days that you would let the landlord know you will not be renewing. more...Posted 1 year ago

How early should you start to look for a house to rent?

Hi Erin. It depends on your current living situation. If you have some time or your lease does not end in the next 60 days, you can start looking a few months out to get an idea of the area you would like to be in and the type of rentals (ie apartment, more...Posted 1 year ago

Looking for a professional and honest AC Technician in Spring TX area.

Hi John. It sounds like there maybe a leak in the line somewhere. They maybe able to seal the leak but if it happens again, you know for sure there is a leak. I'd call Jeovany Rivas with Geocontractors at 713 729-2665.Posted 3 years ago

Tenant damaging property

Screening tenants, doing thorough background checks and verifying the info on the lease application is critical. Just because has the money doesn't mean they're going to be excellent tenants. Many landlords/agents make this mistake and later regret it.nnMeet more...Posted 2 years ago

how do i fill out a third party financing form on a conventionmal 20% down payment

As Karen mentioned, just check box # 1. You would put the loan amount in the next space (ie if the offer is $100,000, you would put $80k in this blank). Typically conventional loans are 30 yrs so you can put it in the 2nd space (sometime it could be more...Posted 2 years ago

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