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Repair or replace galvanized pipe in house?

For this kind of stuff I recommend you get a good handyman that can do everything from appliance repair to staircase building, etc, because they can give you good deals over a lifetime. My handyman also happens to be a technician so it's great. He has more...Posted 2 years ago

Homeowner Association (HOA)

A friend of mine from Saskatoon who cleans cars for a living had to do nearly a dozen phone calls to answer this question when he moved to the states. It's a good one! But the moral of the story is phone calls can get you wherever you need to go. I vouch more...Posted 7 years ago

4 People On One Lease? Is that an issue?

4 people on a lease is uncommon but I did it once in Coquitlam, not where you are and the only trouble we had was when the appliance broke down the owner tried to get cash out from us because it wasn't insured but we just hired an appliance repair company. more...Posted 2 months ago

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