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Is seller required to use licensed electrician for minor electrical repairs

Hi Linda, nnIt depends how you write it up in the amendment for repairs. My opinion the repair you mentioned does not require a licensed electrician. I would write it up as a qualified person need to do the repairs. A licensed or unlicensed electrician more...Posted 2 weeks ago

Apprasial question for previously loved home.

Hi Cristi, nnThis is not very surprising.nAppraisers can come up with different numbers even for the same house. I had a recent case, where they differ $28k between two appraisers within a month period. One was FHA loan and other one was conventional. more...Posted 4 months ago

We have a 12 month exclusive option...can the seller back out?

Hi Rebecca, nnYou are doing well by consulting with an attorney. As real estate agents we can not give legal advise.nnRegards, nnCagdas AcarnMsc CPA VLB PSAn832-283-1091nacarster@gmail.comnwww.homeswithcagdas.comnPosted 5 months ago

First time home buyer help?

Hi Jignesh, nnIt is best to consult with a loan officer as he/she can give you a certain answer. Saying that, there are different type of loans "no down-payment, down payment assistance, government assisted or city grants" that you might be eligible. more...Posted 2 months ago

Can the buyer get earnest money back after the option period if financing falls through

Hi Patricia, nnYes and it depends on the financial contingency number of days mentioned on the Third Party Financing Addendum , paragraph 2.A, Buyer Approval. nIf still within this financial contingency period, Buyer shall inform the seller and agent more...Posted 1 month ago

Looking for someone willing help us in our situation ASAP! We will move in the next few months thanks !

Hi Lucy, nnI would like to assist you, in case you have not get the help your need.nnRegards, nnCagdas AcarnMsc PSA CPE VLBn832-283-1091nwww,homeswithcagdas.comnEmail: acarster@gmail.comPosted 4 months ago

Change Realtor Review

Hi Matt, nnThe realtor review covers the time until you purchased or sold the property. It does not include the after sales. While if you think you changed your opinion for the previous process you may contact your realtor. He/She can remove them from more...Posted 3 months ago

How to best negotiate a new construction to live in, being a recent real estate agent?

Hi Tatiana, nnYes you can represent yourself in this Transaction as long as you activate your real estate license. Yes there are fess you need to pay like monthly fees, association fees etc. Call me if you want to learn about my brokerage where you more...Posted 4 months ago

Seller Agent refused to release our earnest money within option period

Hi Justin, nnSorry to hear for your situation. nYou are not represented in the transaction, Title company is neutral will not take any side, the contract(s) you have signed dictates. nContact with a real estate attorney. You might try the ones listed more...Posted 6 months ago

Calculating the vacancy rate for a neighborhood

Amore, nnAverage number of days on market can be used in vacancy calculation. You can do you analysis longer term like last two or three years that might be more meaningful and less effected from seasonal changes. The overall vacancy rate can be found more...Posted 6 months ago

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