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To know more about investments

Not sure what you're asking is the question for you or a client? If it's for you please take a few real estate courses that cover investments. Please take the class before you try to help any of your clients. Always think smart and keep your clients more...Posted 1 week ago

How to setup Netgear wireless router?

Just use the website to set everything up it's pretty simple.nnThanksnAnthony Taylor RealtyPosted 9 months ago

Where can I locate low risk flood zone real estate in the Houston area?

Well I don't promote other companies I promote myself. I'm a broker/owner please call me I will like to have you as a client. nnThanksnAnthony Taylor Realtyn832-819-4287Posted 3 months ago

I am looking for a foreclosure agent to represent me at a foreclosure auction?

Please contact me I'll be happy to help you with all of your foreclosure properties. Make me your foreclosure broker and I'm sure you'll be 100% happy with my services.n ThanksnAnthony Taylor Realtyn832-819-4287Posted 2 years ago

As a registered Realtor in Houston, how can I show a potential buyer homes in Austin?

If you're office is in Houston and your client want a Austin property. Please be smart just contact a local Austin realtor and get the referral fee. Your Houston Supra key will not work there! nnThanksnAnthony Taylor Realtyn832-819-4287 Posted 4 weeks ago

What are some of your most challenging real estate issues you’ve ever faced

This is a very challenging career you must take it one day at a time! If you focus on the 100% client level you'll have less future issues. If you're a new real estate agent this don't happen over night. nnThanksnAnthony Taylor Realtynwww.anthonytay more...Posted 3 weeks ago

What is the easiest way to find out about deed restrictions? If any?

Are you a current home owner or realtor ? This is very simple just contact HOA for that community. nnnThanksnAnthony Taylor Realtynwww.anthonytaylorrealty.comn832-819-4287Posted 4 months ago

Looking to rent 3br, with reasonable deposit

I'm not sure if you ever found something to rent? Well if you ever need my future services please look me up and I'll be happy to take care of future real estate needs.nnThanksnAnthony Taylor Realtynwww.anthonytaylorrealty.comn832-819-4287Posted 6 months ago

Can I list my property?

Well if you want to sell it fast without the worries just contact my office Anthony Taylor Realty. Please call me and I'll like to earn all of your future real estate business.nnThanksnAnthony Taylor Realtyn832-819-4287 Posted 1 year ago

Why isn't there an Active 55 Community option in the Filters?

I'm trying to see how to answer this question, but I'm wondering is this question for HAR ?nnThanksnAnthony Taylor Realtyn832-819-4287Posted 12 months ago

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