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seller agreed to repairs / not completed / already closed

Your agent should have made a recommendation not to close until all the repairs had actually been completed to your satisfaction. If the seller was aware of this issue and did not disclose, you may have to hire a real estate attorney for recourse. more...Posted 3 years ago

Is a contract or No Contract w/no address, description of any kind on original agreement? (Altered & emailed later.)

I'm sorry to hear about your sister's bad experience with an ex-realtor. (maybe there's a reason he/she is not licensed anymore?) She really needs to contact a real estate attorney to advice her of her rights. I can't tell you if this is a valid contract more...Posted 4 years ago

Why is my house not getting traffic?

Houses sell for two reasons - price and condition. If the house is over priced, it will not get any showings. If the house is in poor condition (dated, deferred repairs, structural damage, etc), it will not get any showings. Are other houses in your more...Posted 4 years ago

First time home buyer feeling completely overwhelmed... need help taking the leap of faith!

Congratulations on making the smart decision to buy your own home. You have definitely done your homework! It's great that you have a high credit score and saved up money for your down payment. You will also need money for your closing costs, although more...Posted 4 years ago

What day does the option period begin?

Hi Emma, the option period begins the day after the execution date. If the contract was executed today 11/18/2015 then the option period starts on 11/19/2015 and ends on 11/28/2015 (midnight) (if it's on a 10 day option period).Posted 4 years ago

As a seller, what do we do, concerning FHA loans, about an appraisal that was inaccurate?

Your agent can contact the buyer's agent and voice your concerns about the inaccurate measurements. Sometimes the HCAD's square footage may not be an accurate measurement. If you have the prior appraisal (when you purchased the property), you can show more...Posted 6 years ago

What is the market like in Houston during the 4th quarter?

The 4th quarter in 2013 had an increase in median single-family homes. Home prices were up 3.8% in December compared to November.

The median price of single-family homes increased to $189,900 up 3.8% verses November.

This years' home sales more...Posted 6 years ago

My month to month tenant did not pay rent, I called him but he didn't answer... What can I do?

If your tenant hasn't paid you this month's rent, you have the right to file an eviction. You can send a certified letter or contact a real estate agent to post a notice to vacate. If the property is located in the northwest area, I can post the notice more...Posted 6 years ago

how to change my password on Har member login ?

On the main page, before you login, click on 'forgot password'. You will receive a link to change your password.Posted 6 years ago