Virginia Malone & Associates, LLC

Katherine Jaeger



My name is Kathy Jaeger and I represent homes and properties along the Texas Gulf Coast for Virginia Malone & Associates. I have a passion for helping people and currently serve on several boards and committees. I am the 2018 Melvin Jones Fellow award recipient for dedicated humanitarian services from Lions Club International. My desire to help others is a driving force for my real estate career. Every client has a unique set of needs and desires. My goal is to fulfill them and help my clients attain the dream of home ownership. Just prior to becoming a realtor, I spent 15 years in the newspaper industry providing marketing to realtors, homebuilders and auto dealers. This exposure to and experience with clients in various occupations has sharpened my negotiation skills and prepared me for the exciting and ever changing life as a realtor. I am compassionate, intuitive and maintain a commitment to exemplary service. I have surrounded myself with a group of trusted, experienced and respected realtors for support and guidance for those times when I do not have all the answers. Whether you have a growing family, are a first time homebuyer, an investor, someone moving up or wanting to downsize, I am here to help. If you or someone you know needs my assistance to achieve their dream of home ownership, you may call or text me at 281-683-6977. You may also email me at Helping people is what real estate is all about.