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Garcia Middle School

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Rating Not Available  |   (Based on 2018 STAAR Data)



School Summary
Garcia Middle School is located at 11000 ROSSLYN RD, HOUSTON, TX, 77038. The school is part of ALDINE ISD.
To contact the school, call (281) 878-3730. The email address for the school is
Enrollment 0
Is Charter No
School District: ALDINE ISD
Phone Number: (281) 878-3730
Address: 11000 ROSSLYN RD ,
HOUSTON , 77038
County: HARRIS
Grade Span
Principal TODD A ROEDE

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Please contact the school district to determine the schools to which this property is zoned.

School Boundary


School boundary map anomalies in street representation can and do occur, please contact the school directly using the number listed above.
The boundaries for this school are not available

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