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Real Estate Wise, LLC I established Real Estate Wise, because I have learned so much over the years being licensed in three states, and having so many great mentor’s along the way.  I realized that my clients were loyal to me and not the Franchise that I was affiliated with. I believe it takes more than just a study course and a license to handle one’s most valuable asset AND ACCESS TO YOUR PERSONAL EFFECTS!!!   Please ask yourself would you trust your livelihood with just anyone?  Would you trust them to handle your 401k, Pension, IRA, or Investments? Did you know that Investment Bankers are held to high standards? Bachelors Degree at the minimum.  Pass an in-depth background check. Pass several licensing (Series 7, 63 or 65, Life Insurance). Regulated FINRA With the above requirements don’t you think that you should hire someone like myself that has 20 years in Investment Banking and 16 years Real Estate when it comes to your real estate transactions? I have supported some of the most successful financial advisors in the industry.  I have what it takes combining, the investment aspects, knowledge of the legalities in a  real estate transaction, and the personal aspects of a real estate purchase or sale.  I simply ask that you interview your agent: Simply ask yourself would you trust this person with your $200k, $300k…..or even $800k?  

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