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When buying, selling or leasing residential real estate, a Realtor with local insight and perspective are two key elements to a successful transaction. Therefore, whether you want to move up or down in the size of your home and would like to list your property; or you are relocating to Houston’s Metropolitan area; a first time or seasoned home buyer; or an individual that would just like to lease some wonderful space in our exciting city - retaining the services of Pamela K Anders as your Realtor, can be the key to a successful real estate experience. Possessing 32 years of in-depth local knowledge of Houston’s well established neighborhoods, I provide clients with professional home locating assistance; aggressive home pricing and marketing assistance; private and public school contacts; and insight to local restaurants, shopping and cultural events. It will be my privilege to be of service to you. Please be assured that whatever your specific real estate needs are, I am prepared to provide the personal attention and assistance necessary, to facilitate a smooth transition.

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