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The Newport master planned community is surrounded with restaurants, education opportunities, entertainment venues, shopping and more. See below for more information on the surrounding resources for the Newport master planned community.

Newport Real Estate Overview:
  • Currently there are 118 homes for sale in Newport .
  • The average price of the homes for sale in Newport is $229,942.
  • Newport Average Price/Square feet is $106.
  • The average square of the homes in Newport is 2,276 sqft.

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Neighborhood Facts for Newport

Name Newport
Homes for Sale 118
Average Price $229,942
Average Price/Square Ft. $106
Average Bedrooms 3.77
Average Baths 2.24
Average Year Built 2011
Average Square Ft. 2,276

Recently Listed Homes for Sale in Newport

Address Community Property Type Price Bed/Bath Sqft Stories  
17447 Typhoon Way, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$195,0003/21,7581
16807 Deck Court, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$244,9005/23,0152
1906 Shark Court, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$224,9903/22,4191
734 Flying Bridge Way, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$189,9003/22,1112
16658 Bluefin Street, Crosby, TX 77532NewportLots$38,000/0
527 Oporto Path, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$230,9005/22,5932
16518 Horizon Drive, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$278,9904/32,2641
16514 Bluefin Street, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$350,0003/22,8001
730 Flying Bridge Way, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$269,9904/22,5132
16035 Broadwater Drive, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$219,4953/21,9961
16715 Camber Court, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$189,0003/21,7741
431 N Compass Rose Circle, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$164,9003/21,6971
15719 E Chamfer Way, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$230,0003/21,8691
806 S Chamfer Way, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$260,0003/22,2482
1002 Veer Drive, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$260,0004/22,3692
923 S Diamondhead Boulevard, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$230,0004/23,0402
714 S Chamfer Way, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$230,0003/21,8431
15702 E Chamfer Way, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$260,0003/22,2482
531 Batten Way, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$264,9004/22,6242
15714 E Chamfer Way, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$260,2604/22,3692
710 S Chamfer Way, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$260,0004/22,7602
706 S Chamfer Way, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$260,0005/22,5792
17519 Morning Star Avenue, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$380,0003/22,1561
0 Rudder Drive, Crosby, TX 77532NewportLots$44,000/0
515 Helmsman Street, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$185,0004/22,1051
16062 Sea Palms Drive, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$229,0003/22,3112
15818 Skeg Drive, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$184,9573/22,0252
406 Bayberry Landing, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$284,8464/32,6002
16727 Port O Call Street, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$196,9004/21,6511
815 Handspike Way, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$194,9004/21,6511
406 Dorsal Way, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$174,9003/21,4281
1746 Cloister Drive #20, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$182,5003/21,8941
16019 Dunes Drive, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$209,8504/21,8391
16315 River Wood Court, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$217,5004/32,2782
16643 Bluefin Street, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$219,9003/21,9071
418 Beach Rose, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$270,0003/22,3721
0 S Diamondhead Boulevard S, Crosby, TX 77532NewportLots$38,000/0
16910 Hatch, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$232,7604/22,6451
526 Oporto Path, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$226,9004/22,4012
411 Gig Court, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$199,0004/21,7441
402 Bayberry Landing, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$265,0004/32,6001
18006 Salt Meadow, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$250,0003/21,8941
15723 E Chamfer Way, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$260,0005/42,7602
17014 Scuttle Way, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$178,0003/21,6201
16106 Harpoon Court, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$179,9004/21,6501
16311 River Wood Court, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$197,0003/21,6211
16531 Horizon Drive, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$219,9003/21,9281
722 Yawl Court, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$220,0003/22,5002
18234 Steele Point Drive, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$349,0004/22,6982
1922 Topside Court, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$232,5004/32,9842
16814 S Lighthouse Drive, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$190,0004/22,3402
16402 New Bedford Street, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$269,5004/22,7142
727 Aweigh Drive, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$229,9903/21,8011
15943 Newport Place, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$192,9003/21,5701
514 Oporto Path, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$225,9004/22,4012
522 Oporto Path, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$192,9003/21,5701
2606 Newport Lake Boulevard, Manvel, TX 77578NewportSingle-Family$324,9004/32,5891
2731 Cutter Court, Manvel, TX 77578NewportSingle-Family$299,9004/22,2561
2726 Cutter Court, Manvel, TX 77578NewportSingle-Family$367,9004/32,5291
17718 Port O Call Street, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$219,9005/32,3852
542 Oporto Path, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$193,9003/21,5701
15951 Newport Place, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$181,9003/21,4141
16406 Ulysses Street, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$269,9004/22,4001
2622 NEWPORT LAKE Boulevard, Manvel, TX 77578NewportSingle-Family$459,9004/33,5932
434 Beach Rose, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$250,0003/22,2421
803 S Chamfer Way, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$230,0003/21,8431
17718 Wake Court, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$185,0003/21,9291
531 Oporto Path, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$212,9003/21,8821
530 Oporto Path, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$183,9003/21,4141
17311 Marlin Spike Way, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$137,0003/21,3311
2715 Cutter Court, Manvel, TX 77578NewportSingle-Family$374,9004/33,1902
16207 Bourrelet Way, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$210,0004/22,1821
16234 Coral Bay Street, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$189,9004/21,8391
17703 Port O Call Street, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$270,0005/32,3442
15726 W Chamfer Way, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$279,9905/23,0822
17206 Cutter Way, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$178,5003/21,6202
17007 Midships Way, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$249,2604/32,4202
2026 Aloft Court, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$240,0004/33,2002
510 Douro Drive, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$229,9005/22,5932
18034 Salt Meadow, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$270,0003/22,2421
18027 Salt Meadow, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$285,2604/22,7022
1819 Chart Drive, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$187,0503/21,6701
17511 Monsoon Court, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$227,0004/32,9502
16330 New Bedford, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$189,9004/21,8391
16202 Augusta Oaks Court, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$192,0504/32,1832
16114 Broadwater Drive, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$239,0004/22,1481
523 Oporto Path, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$225,9004/22,4012
18002 Salt Meadow, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$300,0004/22,6072
16706 Peralta Bay Circle, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$234,9904/33,1812
403 Beach Rose, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$330,0005/33,1032
16603 Convoy Court, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$188,5503/21,8391
16426 Azimuth Drive, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$199,2504/21,8391
915 S Chamfer Way, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$260,0004/32,2482
15706 E Chamfer Way, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$260,0004/22,7602
15710 E Chamfer Way, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$230,0003/21,8431
922 S Chamfer Way, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$236,6004/21,8691
16310 Davy Jones Court, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$398,0004/23,6511
622 Topsail Way, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$174,9004/21,9592
511 Oporto Path, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$212,9003/21,8821
16335 River Wood Court, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$199,1505/32,3412
16323 River Wood Court, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$199,1505/32,3412
15934 Gaia Way, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$211,9003/21,8822
506 Douro Drive, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$212,9003/21,8822
907 S Astern Drive, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$309,9005/33,4222
1362 Tee Time Court, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$249,0004/22,6432
402 Dorsal Way, Crosby, TX 77532NewportLots$22,000/0
15826 Oporto Springs Way, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$229,9005/22,5932
522 Douro Drive, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$222,9004/22,4012
302 S DIAMONDHEAD BLVD, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$256,9904/22,6532
16411 S Mediterranean Street, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$254,9005/33,4852
16054 Sea Palms Drive, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$279,9005/43,3822
17535 Monsoon Court, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$184,9003/21,6381
812 Backstay Court, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$179,9004/21,6511
16619 Port O Call Street, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$198,1505/32,3202
515 Douro Drive, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$209,9003/21,8821
15806 Oporto Springs Way, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$225,9005/22,5932
15923 Newport Place, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$220,9004/22,4012
17702 Port O Call Street, Crosby, TX 77532NewportSingle-Family$249,5005/22,6192

Recently Sold Homes in Newport

Address Community Sold Date Property Type Price Range Bed/Bath Sqft Stories  
16339 River Wood Court, Crosby, TX 77532Newport07/18/2018Single-Family$185,001 - $215,0004/32,1832
615 S Hyannis Port Street, Crosby, TX 77532Newport07/16/2018Single-Family$140,001 - $160,0003/21,9851
16143 Bridge, Crosby, TX 77532Newport07/16/2018Single-Family$185,001 - $215,0004/33,0202
16018 Spinnaker Drive, Crosby, TX 77532Newport07/13/2018Single-Family$160,001 - $185,0003/21,5231
530 Douro Drive, Crosby, TX 77532Newport07/13/2018Single-Family$215,001 - $250,0005/22,5932
543 Oporto Path, Crosby, TX 77532Newport07/12/2018Single-Family$185,001 - $215,0004/21,7941
16207 Sting Ray Drive, Crosby, TX 77532Newport07/11/2018Single-Family$215,001 - $250,0003/22,2001
902 N Chamfer Way, Crosby, TX 77532Newport07/06/2018Single-Family$160,001 - $185,0003/21,7721
5106 Blue Canoe Road, Manvel, TX 77578Newport07/05/2018Single-Family$325,001 - $370,0004/33,3982
16307 River Wood Court, Crosby, TX 77532Newport07/05/2018Single-Family$185,001 - $215,0004/32,1832
17010 N Lighthouse Drive, Crosby, TX 77532Newport07/05/2018Single-Family$185,001 - $215,0004/21,6511
715 Aweigh Drive, Crosby, TX 77532Newport07/03/2018Single-Family$160,001 - $185,0004/21,7221
510 Oporto Path, Crosby, TX 77532Newport07/02/2018Single-Family$185,001 - $215,0003/21,5701
506 Oporto Path, Crosby, TX 77532Newport07/02/2018Single-Family$160,001 - $185,0003/21,4141
2611 Cutter Court, Manvel, TX 77578Newport07/02/2018Single-Family$250,001 - $285,0004/22,2671
5126 Blue Canoe Road, Manvel, TX 77578Newport07/02/2018Single-Family$215,001 - $250,0003/21,8131
1522 TOURNAMENT COURT, Crosby, TX 77532Newport06/29/2018Single-Family$250,001 - $285,0004/22,2991
16007 BOLLARD DR, Crosby, TX 77532Newport06/28/2018Single-Family$250,001 - $285,0004/22,6602
526 Douro Drive, Crosby, TX 77532Newport06/27/2018Single-Family$185,001 - $215,0003/21,5701
730 Flying Bridge Way, Crosby, TX 77532Newport06/26/2018Lots$30,001 - $35,000/0

Newport School Information

Elementary School Middle School High School School Distict
Coulson Tough Tough/McCull The Woodlands HS Conroe
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