Brizeida Balderas

About Agent


In 2007 Brizeida Balderas founded Lions Gate Realty , a private real estate sales firm. She takes pride in the countless years of service and dedication her management team and agents have in contributing to the real estate community. Lions Gate Realty was founded with the client in mind. Upon forming her company, she decided to build a foundation of young, well educated, tech savvy, forward thinking idealists to lead the realty industry into the next millennium. In today’s market, there are so many different real estate brokerage/agent options doing the same old thing, that it is very hard for the general public to distinguish one from the other. Brizeida has built this company to give the public an exciting alternative and distinguishable choice when it comes to aligning itself with a cutting edge real estate brokerage. It’s important to note that we aren’t interested in a participating in a one-time transaction with our clients. We want to grow with and through our clients.