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18333 Egret Bay Blvd, Suite 445
Houston, TX 77479
Phone: 281-333-5173
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Welcome to the Greatwood profile page. Available information about Greatwood includes amenities, homes and houses for sale, schools, and neighborhoods in Greatwood .

A 2,050-acre golf anchored community developed by Terrabrook.

Greatwood Golf Club (18-hole private course).

Parks and Greenbelts(Acres of greenbelts, Lakes for fishing, Miles of paved hike and bike trails, · Tot lots, play equipment and neighborhood playgrounds).

Neighborhood Recreation Centers(Picnic facilities , Lighted tennis courts, Four acre nature park, One resort-style swimming pool, Two competition swimming pools, Three neighborhood recreation centers, Play areas for kids including sandpit volleyball).

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The Greatwood master planned community is surrounded with restaurants, education opportunities, entertainment venues, shopping and more. See below for more information on the surrounding resources for the Greatwood master planned community.

Greatwood Real Estate Overview:
  • Currently there are 116 homes for sale in Greatwood .
  • The average price of the homes for sale in Greatwood is $401,915.
  • Greatwood Average Price/Square feet is $123.
  • The average square of the homes in Greatwood is 3,237 sqft.

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Neighborhood Facts for Greatwood

Name Greatwood
Homes for Sale 116
Average Price $401,915
Average Price/Square Ft. $123
Average Bedrooms 4.02
Average Baths 2.70
Average Year Built 1999
Average Square Ft. 3,237

Recently Listed Homes for Sale in Greatwood

Address Community Property Type Price Bed/Bath Sqft Stories  
1403 Cross Valley Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$345,0004/23,2302
2011 SHADOW BEND DRIVE, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$545,0004/33,6762
1710 Hatteras Court, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$559,0004/33,7682
1219 Moss Dale Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$265,0004/22,1562
7514 Orchard Hills Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$235,0003/22,3862
1407 Cross Valley Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$379,9004/33,7702
9018 Carriage Point Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$318,0004/22,9402
1323 HILLSIDE FOREST DRIVE, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$525,0005/34,1592
1626 Fairview Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$320,0003/22,4691
1306 Terrace View Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$278,0004/22,1241
8014 Cross Trail Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$295,0003/22,2151
8606 Green Ash Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$297,6223/22,1211
7707 Shady Way Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$395,0004/33,1932
1802 Wild Violet Court, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$475,0005/34,3112
1118 Forest Knoll Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$478,8004/33,9232
7526 Broken Oak Ln, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$289,9004/22,4512
7334 MOSS WOOD DRIVE, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$329,5004/22,5302
7114 Hidden Trails Court, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$394,9005/33,3492
1107 Glendale Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$329,0004/33,1162
8759 River Wind DR, Sugar Land, TX 77478GreatwoodSingle-Family$319,9003/22,5321
6714 Morningside Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$309,9004/22,3761
1807 Rockwall Court, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$307,5004/22,6952
8019 HIDDEN TERRACE Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$343,5004/22,8052
1111 Glendale Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$325,0004/22,3531
1334 TERRACE VIEW DRIVE, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$269,5003/22,1021
1311 Mayberry Circle, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$286,9003/22,1021
8615 Westbrook Forest Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$459,9004/33,9752
7323 Emerald Glen Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$300,0004/22,5992
7507 Stone Arbor Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$490,0004/33,9512
7702 Bayou Green LN Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$499,0004/33,9122
1139 AZALEA BEND, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$310,0004/32,8542
910 Knoll Forest Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$280,0004/22,5102
515 Knoll Forest Drive, Richmond, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$260,0004/22,0651
1131 Timber Glen Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$375,0004/33,0291
7611 Stone Arbor Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$449,9005/34,0202
1710 Forestlake Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$469,9004/33,4432
2302 Legend Woods Ct, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$585,0005/34,6362
1711 Sutters Chase Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$459,0004/33,2131
1307 Deerbrook Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$285,0003/22,3541
1719 Bumelia Court, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$275,0004/22,6162
7223 Timberlake Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$479,5004/34,2092
9114 Morningstar Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$279,9003/22,2131
6742 Wildacre Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$365,0004/22,6402
6710 Knoll Park Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$259,9004/22,4472
1806 Cross Spring Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$375,0004/33,2342
8115 BUFFALO SPRINGS COURT, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$354,5005/33,4102
707 Deer Hollow Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$279,9004/22,4512
7830 Long Shadows Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$850,0005/34,8092
7510 Summer Trail Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$374,9004/33,1272
1406 Leigh Gardens Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$337,0005/33,1762
6927 Woodside Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$265,0004/22,2432
8302 Forest Gate Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$960,0004/56,1772
7114 Emerald Glen Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$345,0004/33,0092
1806 Oak Shade Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$799,0004/34,6262
7030 Greatwood Trails Court, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$360,0005/22,9622
1230 Moss Dale Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$270,0004/22,3611
8738 Rippling Water Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$347,5003/22,5961
7714 New Forest Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$470,0004/33,9182
6814 Shady Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$268,0004/22,3822
8510 HILLSBORO PLACE, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$364,9004/32,8542
7611 Old English Court, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$749,8884/44,7002
8034 Hidden Terrace Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$275,0003/22,3541
7203 Emerald Glen Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$342,5004/33,1752
1415 Azalea Bend, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$449,8005/33,7002
7903 Emerald Haven Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$435,0004/33,5501
7730 Mesquite Hill Lane, Richmond, TX 77469GreatwoodSingle-Family$342,0724/32,7322
1411 Pecan Trace Court, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$389,0005/33,9752
7123 Hidden Trails Court, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$425,0005/33,3722
6722 Flowermound Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$274,0003/22,4612
1911 Shadow Lake Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$414,9903/33,0501
7106 Greatwood Trails Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$358,2004/32,9852
1606 EVENING BEND COURT, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$429,9894/33,3552
1334 Deerbrook Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$262,5003/21,8711
1435 Shady Bend Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$314,0004/32,8902
1606 FOREST FERN, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$537,5005/44,4802
8826 Rippling Water Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$429,9003/32,9501
1607 Tuscany Place Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$469,9004/33,9812
2003 Verdant Valley, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$435,0004/33,4892
210 Knoll Forest Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$299,5004/22,3092
2122 Upland Park Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$449,9994/33,8962
1135 Azalea Bend Bend, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$310,0004/32,8361
1431 Shady Bend Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$339,0004/33,1012
1418 Summer Forest Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$339,9004/22,5422
2303 Legend Woods Court, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$475,0004/33,5641
1115 Timber Glen Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$359,9004/33,0291
7711 W Mesquite Hill Lane, Richmond, TX 77469GreatwoodSingle-Family$352,8954/32,7522
7507 GUINEVERE, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$530,0005/34,0842
7703 NEW FOREST LANE, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$445,0004/33,7772
1302 Leigh Gardens Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$285,0004/22,2302
1914 SUTTERS CHASE DRIVE, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$525,0004/33,7562
2115 UPLAND SHADOWS DR Corner, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$370,0004/33,2492
7518 Old Bridge Court, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$559,0004/33,8952
7711 Bayou Green Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$499,0004/34,2112
1506 Old Trail Court, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$330,0004/32,9982
1711 Peppervine Way, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$495,0004/34,0302
1210 Wood Haven Court, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$284,9904/22,5222
7202 Timberlake Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$689,0004/34,2862
7806 SILENT FOREST Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$525,0005/44,5112
6731 Flowermound Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$299,9003/22,3282
6702 Knoll Park Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$239,9003/22,3802
2102 Upland Park Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$349,9004/33,1692
7606 Tiburon Trail, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$499,5004/34,2332
1315 Forest Brook, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$339,0005/33,5922
1402 Pecan Trace Court, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$440,0004/33,8292
7603 Hunters Point Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$575,3164/33,7272
7938 Emerald Haven Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$459,9005/34,4872
7915 Garden Bend, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$319,5004/33,0802
2015 Starlite Field Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$488,5005/34,0472
1802 Oak Shadow Court, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$709,9004/34,0341
1502 Stone Trail Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$300,0003/22,7661
8414 Big Bend Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$425,0004/33,7702
6727 High Knoll Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$292,0004/22,4632
7910 Emerald Haven Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$469,9005/34,6362
8110 Highland Bluff Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$385,0004/33,5811
7535 Dawn Mist Court, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$729,0005/54,2332
7918 Forest Haven Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479GreatwoodSingle-Family$383,0004/33,5811

Recently Sold Homes in Greatwood

Address Community Sold Date Property Type Price Range Bed/Bath Sqft Stories  
1302 Indian Trail Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479Greatwood07/20/2018Single-Family$370,001 - $420,0004/33,0022
9015 Morningstar Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479Greatwood07/19/2018Single-Family$285,001 - $325,0003/22,3541
1507 Rosehill Court, Sugar Land, TX 77479Greatwood07/16/2018Single-Family$325,001 - $370,0004/22,6451
7306 Emerald Glen Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479Greatwood07/13/2018Single-Family$285,001 - $325,0004/22,8012
7011 EMERALD GLEN DRIVE, Sugar Land, TX 77479Greatwood07/12/2018Single-Family$285,001 - $325,0004/43,0002
8514 Babbling Brook Court, Sugar Land, TX 77479Greatwood07/10/2018Single-Family$250,001 - $285,0003/22,2741
8026 Agora Circle, Sugar Land, TX 77479Greatwood07/09/2018Single-Family$420,001 - $482,0004/33,5942
7626 SHANNONDALE DRIVE, Sugar Land, TX 77479Greatwood06/29/2018Single-Family$627,001 - $717,0005/34,2022
1327 Deerbrook Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479Greatwood06/28/2018Single-Family$285,001 - $325,0004/22,7122
1306 Summer Brook, Sugar Land, TX 77479Greatwood06/28/2018Single-Family$325,001 - $370,0005/33,2492
1702 Forestlake Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479Greatwood06/28/2018Single-Family$627,001 - $717,0004/33,9262
8115 Firefly Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77479Greatwood06/22/2018Single-Family$420,001 - $482,0004/33,8942
8006 Upland Park Court, Sugar Land, TX 77479Greatwood06/22/2018Single-Family$285,001 - $325,0003/22,8721
8010 Hidden Terrace Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479Greatwood06/22/2018Single-Family$285,001 - $325,0004/22,7122
1507 FAIRVIEW DRIVE, Sugar Land, TX 77479Greatwood06/22/2018Single-Family$285,001 - $325,0004/22,2561
1819 Glen Oak Court, Sugar Land, TX 77479Greatwood06/21/2018Single-Family$250,001 - $285,0004/21,9611
7331 Maple Run Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479Greatwood06/19/2018Single-Family$250,001 - $285,0004/22,1891
7610 BROKEN OAK LANE, Sugar Land, TX 77479Greatwood06/18/2018Single-Family$250,001 - $285,0004/22,1891
7934 AUTUMN TRAIL, Sugar Land, TX 77479Greatwood06/18/2018Single-Family$420,001 - $482,0005/34,0802
7018 Glenwood Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77479Greatwood06/18/2018Single-Family$325,001 - $370,0004/33,0012

Greatwood School Information

Elementary School Middle School High School School Distict
Coulson Tough Tough/McCull The Woodlands HS Conroe
Here is a list of nearby schools.

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Rating: 5 / 5.00  on
Beautiful community with mature trees. Golf course, parks, trails, etc. Location is prime as it provides almost immediate access to hwy 59. Moments away from the New Smart Centre, HCC, shopping, dining and much more.
Review by Real Estate Pro
Rating: 5 / 5.00  on
Established, close knit community with beautiful homes, lakes, pools, golf course and amazing residents.
Review by Real Estate Pro
Rating: 5 / 5.00  on
Review by Real Estate Pro

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