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15110 Mason Road
Cypress, TX 77433
Phone: 832-813-0085
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Welcome to the Fairfield profile page. Available information about Fairfield includes amenities, homes and houses for sale, schools, and neighborhoods in Fairfield .

Fairfield is a 3,200 acre development by Friendswood Development Company which opened in 1988. When complete, Fairfield will be home to 5,000 families.

Noted for its outstanding housing value, Fairfield has pioneered the development of the northwest Houston/Hwy. 290 corridor.

Residents enjoy a 15,000 square foot athletic club which includes a full-size basketball court, fitness center, special events room, and classroom areas. Outside the center is a competition size swimming pool, tennis courts, and a 20-acre sports park with baseball and soccer fields. Currently, Fairfield has eight lakes, six neighborhood parks and six neighborhood pools, plus numerous pocket parks and greenbelts winding through the community.

Community Services
Residents have easy access to nearby medical centers, police and fire protection, schools, churches, shopping and private and public golf courses.

Fairfield is located in the highly-acclaimed Cypress Fairbanks School District. Children attend Ault, Keith or Swenke Elementary Schools and Salyards Middle School, located inside Fairfield, and Cy-Ranch High School.
Fairfield Builders include Frontier Custom Homes, Lennar Homes and Trendmaker Homes.
Developed by Friendswood Development Co., Fairfield has become Northwest Houston’s Premier New Home Community.

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The Fairfield master planned community is surrounded with restaurants, education opportunities, entertainment venues, shopping and more. See below for more information on the surrounding resources for the Fairfield master planned community.

Fairfield Real Estate Overview:
  • Currently there are 110 homes for sale in Fairfield .
  • The average price of the homes for sale in Fairfield is $327,933.
  • Fairfield Average Price/Square feet is $109.
  • The average square of the homes in Fairfield is 2,989 sqft.

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Neighborhood Facts for Fairfield

Name Fairfield
Homes for Sale 110
Average Price $327,933
Average Price/Square Ft. $109
Average Bedrooms 3.93
Average Baths 2.58
Average Year Built 2005
Average Square Ft. 2,989

Recently Listed Homes for Sale in Fairfield

Address Community Property Type Price Bed/Bath Sqft Stories  
14710 Kelsey Vista Drive, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$298,0004/22,4551
14802 Whispy Green Court, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$297,5004/33,1092
15323 Chestnut Falls Drive, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$210,0003/21,9202
15615 Brookchase Way, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$373,0004/33,1431
20823 Durand Oak Court, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$298,0004/32,8802
14731 Bronze Finch Drive, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$365,0005/33,3412
20338 Fairfield Park Way, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$221,0004/22,1182
16807 China Blue Lane, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$599,9505/44,7342
20802 S Blue Hyacinth Drive, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$279,9004/32,7002
22115 Ash Green Drive, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$444,9005/33,7982
21331 Heartwood Oak Trail, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$500,0005/34,6562
14706 E Bekapark Court, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$299,0004/22,1271
16842 Empire Gold Drive, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$365,0003/32,9352
15615 Bending Birch Drive, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$199,0003/21,7101
15819 Raleigh Oak Lane, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$229,9003/21,8901
20615 Bouganvilla Blossom Lane, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$255,0004/22,4392
20303 Misty River Way, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$365,0004/33,4722
16715 Cactus Blossom Trail, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$268,0004/22,6141
15334 Woodland Orchard Lane, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$219,5004/22,2141
20207 Chad Arbor Trail, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$269,9004/22,7022
16703 Radiant Lilac Trail, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$300,0004/32,7662
15339 Court Amber Trail, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$235,0003/22,1922
21730 May Apple Court, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$235,0003/22,0742
14819 N Carolina Green Drive, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$312,9004/33,0132
21506 E Firemist Court, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$410,0004/33,6362
21515 Brookchase Loop, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$240,0004/22,1162
14603 Yellow Begonia Drive, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$265,0004/33,0732
15410 Vintage Falls Drive, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$255,0004/22,5262
14722 E Ginger Spice Court, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$234,9003/22,1691
16803 Thomas Ridge Lane, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$495,0004/34,4102
14803 W Lime Blossom Court, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$314,0004/33,0862
15010 N Mulberry Field Circle, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$279,9004/32,7482
21842 Winsome Rose Court, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$223,0004/21,9851
15003 Redbud Leaf Lane, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$325,0005/33,4442
16801 W Caramel Apple Trail, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$449,9004/43,4931
15034 Red Cedar Bluff Lane, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$223,0005/22,4872
16900 W Caramel Apple Trail, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$535,0004/33,6681
22114 Ash Green Drive, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$389,0004/33,4582
16819 Gypsy Red Drive, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$475,0004/33,6882
22115 Hearty Orange Court, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$369,9004/33,3202
20331 Stone Falls Court, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$224,9903/22,1731
14811 S Gray Heron Court, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$332,9004/33,3132
16411 Thyme Green Lane, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$225,0004/22,4272
16306 Rolling View Trail, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$425,0005/33,6612
15402 Court Green Trail, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$215,0003/21,9261
15311 Evergreen Knoll Lane, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$218,9003/22,0061
20707 Orange Poppy Dr, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$255,0003/22,6252
20818 Autumn Redwood Way, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$257,5003/22,5561
15702 Country Fair Lane, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$274,5005/32,8642
14607 W Ginger Pear Court, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$277,0004/22,4762
21111 Golden Sycamore Trail, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$233,5003/22,1281
21518 E Firemist Court, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$489,9005/34,9202
15738 Bending Birch Drive, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$234,9003/22,1641
15307 Cumberland Oak Way, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$239,9003/22,1561
22030 Field Green Drive, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$245,0004/22,7392
16635 Orchid Mist Drive, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$332,0004/33,4352
16119 Cumberland Trail, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$310,0004/22,7022
20206 Prim Pine Court, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$425,0005/33,9522
15323 Fairfield Falls Way, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$227,5003/22,1481
20706 S Blue Hyacinth Drive S, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$270,0004/22,6832
21606 Firemist Way, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$450,0004/33,7772
21602 Pine Arbor Way, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$195,0003/21,5691
14807 S Blue Egret Drive S, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$339,0004/33,4282
20207 Sweetgum Way, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$234,9003/22,3842
15811 Township Glen Lane, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$265,0003/22,5691
21006 N Caramel Apple Trail, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$555,0004/34,0502
16906 Thomas Ridge Lane, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$549,0004/33,5791
20222 Misty River Way, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$314,5004/33,2292
21310 Heartwood Oak Trail, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$399,9994/33,6602
16630 Orchid Mist Drive, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$300,0004/33,1422
15302 Bent Twig Way, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$275,0004/22,6272
16326 Cumberland Trail, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$277,0004/32,6581
22027 Summer Shower Court, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$370,0005/33,8052
20603 Tulip Blossom Court, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$229,9004/22,2982
16918 Thomas Ridge Lane, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$698,0004/33,7661
21018 Green Jewel Drive, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$435,0004/43,9002
15018 S Mulberry Field Circle, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$285,0004/33,1022
20526 S Blue Hyacinth Drive, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$235,0004/22,0461
15310 Court Amber Trail, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$259,9004/22,4622
15511 Rambling River Way, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$349,0004/33,2962
15306 Turning Limb Court Court, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$269,9004/22,8982
21010 N Caramel Apple Trail, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$569,9004/44,3402
14710 E Bekapark Court, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$244,8883/21,6201
21614 Pine Arbor Way, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$239,9004/22,4882
20307 Concord Hill Drive, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$205,9003/21,8301
15215 Hillside Park Way, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$198,0003/22,0662
21015 E Kelsey Creek Trail, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$559,9004/34,5712
21407 Violet Haze Trail, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$599,9004/34,3872
21626 S Twinberry Field Drive, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$238,9004/22,4532
15330 Freestone Peach Lane, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$239,9004/22,4221
20530 Daisy Bloom Court, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$215,0004/22,2092
20806 Ochre Willow Trail, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$239,9004/22,6992
15415 Freestone Peach Lane, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$249,9004/22,5262
20807 Oak Orchard Court, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$240,0004/22,2431
21814 W Firemist Court, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$425,0004/34,4462
21119 Begonia Creek Court, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$539,9005/44,0032
14830 Blue Egret Drive, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$308,0004/23,0811
15014 Mystic Blue Trail, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$417,9004/33,6302
15615 Wildwood Run, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$329,9004/33,3542
14746 Yellow Begonia Drive, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$267,4994/22,7942
15815 Applerock Trail NE, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$339,0004/33,2912
14611 Red Bayberry Court, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$299,9904/33,1232
20226 Timberline Trail, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$339,9004/33,4502
14718 E Red Bayberry Court, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$294,0004/23,0462
16219 Morning Pine Trail, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$414,9005/43,7762
22118 Silver Blueberry Trail, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$329,0004/33,3762
16806 Gypsy Red Drive, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$419,0005/34,1002
20906 Refuge Creek Drive, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$555,0004/34,0632
16619 S Azure Mist Court, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$529,0004/34,4772
20814 Magnolia Brook Lane, Cypress, TX 77433FairfieldSingle-Family$299,0004/33,2992

Recently Sold Homes in Fairfield

Address Community Sold Date Property Type Price Range Bed/Bath Sqft Stories  
21507 E Firemist Court, Cypress, TX 77433Fairfield07/16/2018Single-Family$482,001 - $552,0004/44,7342
21019 Aqua Bay Court, Cypress, TX 77433Fairfield07/16/2018Single-Family$482,001 - $552,0005/44,5952
16909 W Caramel Apple Trail, Cypress, TX 77433Fairfield07/16/2018Single-Family$482,001 - $552,0004/44,3432
16710 S Swirling Cloud Court, Cypress, TX 77433Fairfield07/16/2018Single-Family$482,001 - $552,0005/45,4862
16707 S Azure Mist Court, Cypress, TX 77433Fairfield07/13/2018Single-Family$420,001 - $482,0004/44,1092
15226 Blue Thistle Drive, Cypress, TX 77433Fairfield07/13/2018Single-Family$250,001 - $285,0004/22,8531
5322 Lamonte Lane, Houston, TX 77092Fairfield07/13/2018Single-Family$325,001 - $370,0003/21,5131
20907 Katie Marie Court, Cypress, TX 77433Fairfield07/11/2018Single-Family$285,001 - $325,0004/32,8161
15102 Brown Eyed Susan Court, Cypress, TX 77433Fairfield07/10/2018Single-Family$285,001 - $325,0004/33,2762
15211 Flameleaf Gardens Court, Cypress, TX 77433Fairfield07/09/2018Single-Family$215,001 - $250,0004/22,4371
22003 Golden Cedar Drive, Cypress, TX 77433Fairfield07/06/2018Single-Family$215,001 - $250,0003/22,1742
15102 Red Cedar Bluff Lane, Cypress, TX 77433Fairfield07/03/2018Single-Family$215,001 - $250,0004/22,1132
20320 Willow Trace Dr, Cypress, TX 77433Fairfield07/02/2018Single-Family$185,001 - $215,0003/21,9161
15315 Wisteria Springs Drive, Cypress, TX 77433Fairfield07/02/2018Single-Family$285,001 - $325,0004/22,7942
15414 Wild Timber Trail, Cypress, TX 77433Fairfield07/02/2018Single-Family$250,001 - $285,0004/23,2012
15110 Red Cedar Bluff Lane, Cypress, TX 77433Fairfield06/29/2018Single-Family$185,001 - $215,0003/21,6201
15618 Meadow Palm Drive, Cypress, TX 77433Fairfield06/29/2018Single-Family$215,001 - $250,0004/22,5732
15111 Hillside Park Way, Cypress, TX 77433Fairfield06/29/2018Single-Family$185,001 - $215,0003/21,7461
14730 E Ginger Pear Court, Cypress, TX 77433Fairfield06/29/2018Single-Family$250,001 - $285,0004/22,6352
22007 Field Green Drive, Cypress, TX 77433Fairfield06/29/2018Single-Family$215,001 - $250,0004/22,0701

Fairfield School Information

Elementary School Middle School High School School Distict
Coulson Tough Tough/McCull The Woodlands HS Conroe
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