Korenna Higgins


I worked in banking for four years before deciding to make real estate my primary career. While I am a new agent, real estate is in my blood. I grew up showing houses with my mom from the time I could walk, I can tell you every house she ever showed or listed. I have decided to follow in her footsteps and be a stay at home mom, and real estate is allowing me to do so. I graduated from Coldspring-Oakhurst in 2016, and have lived in the Cleveland area for 14 years with a brief period of living in Conroe. I grew up in Sheldon, and also attended Tarkington school before moving to Coldspring. My history of being in different school districts, living in different areas, and being a banker in two different communities has helped me learn about the Cleveland area and surrounding locations. I am eager to serve the members of these communities and more!