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Alfredo Merida


I am a retired Engineer, working in manufacturing for over thirty years. I focused my career in Manufacturing, Cost and Quality Assurance. These type of skills focus on details of product, process and documentation. I became a realtor because I am not a person to stand still. As a real estate agent, it gives me a better work-life balance and staying active. Also working and meeting great people in my community. My family and I have lived in Pasadena Texas for 20 years. I am married to a great women and mom to our children. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and works as a School Counselor in Pasadena ISD. Family, respect and community have always been our number one drive in life. Not just our lives, but also people and families we've come across in our paths. Respect comes to us as second nature. We are people persons for generations passed down from our families. We believe ways to be respectful are to listen and be present, be thoughtful of others' feelings, acknowledge others and say thank you, make decisions based on what's right, respect physical boundaries, and finally live and let live. I am an agent who wants to help you find your dream home and for you to be confident in my experience. I am available to help guide you to meet your needs and to assist with real estate questions or concerns you may have. I will always do my best in buying, selling, leasing a home and/or any commercial needs. As your realtor you will have my commitment to serve you with the highest professionalism and trust.