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18419 Shore Park Road
Cypress, TX 77433
Phone: 281.213.8645
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Welcome to the Bridgeland profile page. Available information about Bridgeland includes amenities, homes and houses for sale, schools, and neighborhoods in Bridgeland .

Community Description

Bridgeland is a masterfully planned community of 11,400 acres in northwest Houston that will one day boast 20,000 homes for 65,000 residents. Developers have created a haven for nature enthusiasts — with more than 3,000 acres devoted to lakes, trails and open space — all while offering stately homes priced from the $200,000s to the millions from some of the nation’s most-respected builders.


With abundant amenities and more to come, the question in Bridgeland is often, “What are we going to do first?” A hub for the community is the Lakeland Activity Center, with a resort-style pool, spray pad, tennis courts, playground, fitness center and 6,000-square-foot community center. An on-site activities director maintains a packed calendar of adult classes, kids’ camps and special events such as the monthly farmers market.

Residents also enjoy concerts and movies a Festival Park stage pavilion, a disc-golf course, catch-and-release fishing, the Cypress Creek Nature Trail, dozens of parks, Water Haven Spray Pad and complimentary use of canoes, kayaks and other recreation equipment. An upcoming, 20-acre community park will feature an enclosed dog park, a basketball court, canoe launch and a skate park. Additional tennis courts, picnic areas, walking trails and pavilions also are planned for the park, as well as a new splash pad, playground and heated lap pool, which will be open year-round.


Bridgeland students attend schools in the acclaimed Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District. Pope Elementary, the community’s first on-site school, is known for its unique design and efforts to remain environmentally sensitive. Distinctive features include a glass-front library that overlooks Bridgeland’s Cypress Lake, a second-floor reading loft, a multi-purpose observation deck and a number of flexible learning spaces. As development continues, eight other schools are planned to open within Bridgeland. Currently, non-elementary age students attend either Smith Middle School or Cypress Ranch High School, both of which are located on a 130-acre site directly across from Bridgeland's main entrance.

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Bridgeland Real Estate Overview:
  • Currently there are 185 homes for sale in Bridgeland .
  • The average price of the homes for sale in Bridgeland is $460,753.
  • Bridgeland Average Price/Square feet is $131.
  • The average square of the homes in Bridgeland is 3,512 sqft.

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Neighborhood Facts for Bridgeland

Name Bridgeland
Homes for Sale 185
Average Price $460,753
Average Price/Square Ft. $131
Average Bedrooms 4.18
Average Baths 3.26
Average Year Built 2014
Average Square Ft. 3,512

Recently Listed Homes for Sale in Bridgeland

Address Community Property Type Price Bed/Bath Sqft Stories  
19507 Royal Haven Lane, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$449,5004/33,5352
12319 Crest Haven Lane, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$420,0005/44,2192
16502 Mount Hope Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$436,2044/32,6701
16703 Highland Country Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$339,0004/32,8902
12307 Stephens Charge Court, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$349,9904/33,6052
19202 Water Bridge Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$525,0004/33,9451
19627 Mills Glen Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$310,0004/22,3572
3551 Lakearies Lane, Katy, TX 77449BridgelandSingle-Family$215,0003/22,4542
16211 Davy Crockett Court, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$581,7955/44,2002
16207 Davy Crockett Court, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$599,9565/44,1992
16923 Apple River Dr, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$339,9004/33,0032
18714 N Thomas Shore Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$500,0005/34,5152
16206 Cleburne State Park Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$350,9904/32,7882
18907 Cheetham Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$589,3735/44,1832
18323 S Elizabeth Shore Loop, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$260,0003/22,2801
16222 Big Sandy Creek Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$649,3115/54,7282
19326 Long Haven Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$414,9004/33,4701
19415 Shady Blossom Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$429,9004/33,3741
18407 W Laura Shore Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$350,0005/33,6332
18706 North Moss Loop, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$632,5675/44,2002
16727 Seminole Ridge, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$389,5475/43,0912
18543 First Landing, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$286,0723/21,7381
19739 Raccoon Hollow Way, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$483,9004/33,3952
19723 Raccoon Hollow Way, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$474,9004/33,3952
12327 Bluff Haven Lane, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$424,9004/33,7902
16618 Highland Country Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$280,0004/22,0761
16731 Heron Wing, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$299,9903/22,2152
19602 Mills Glen Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$335,0004/32,8572
18503 S Raven Shore Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$259,8003/22,0791
12207 E Colony Shore Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$475,0005/44,2262
19007 Fire Tower Hill Place, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$518,4644/33,5972
19019 Fire Tower Hill Place, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$477,7735/43,7412
17103 Upton Hill Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$434,9574/33,2372
18327 S Elizabeth Shore, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$272,0003/22,5222
12002 Harris Settlement Court, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$399,0004/33,6452
12315 Terrace Cove Lane, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$445,0004/33,7232
18702 Luby Creek Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$489,9905/43,7862
12302 W Elizabeth Shore Loop, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$259,9003/21,8611
17111 Williams Oak Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$280,0004/22,3782
19122 Cove Forest Lane, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$330,0004/22,3251
19302 Long Haven Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$485,0005/44,2772
19606 Blushing Meadow Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$310,0004/32,8412
18003 First Bend Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$424,8004/33,6752
19606 Star Haven Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$469,0004/33,9792
12314 W Elizabeth Shore Loop, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$279,9003/22,2081
19727 Raccoon Hollow Way, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$435,9004/32,9351
19711 Raccoon Hollow Way, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$449,9004/33,2571
18807 Cove Bend Lane, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$635,0005/55,0002
17107 Texas Lancer Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$552,1384/33,9362
19110 West Josey Overlook Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$747,9005/44,1912
19115 Shady Blossom Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$440,0005/44,2312
17215 Meek Pass Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$439,9904/43,7941
12319 Meadow Breeze Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$348,0004/33,1082
12503 Gable Mills Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$412,5004/33,4222
17306 Martinet Court, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$573,9055/44,2652
17110 Texas Lancer Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$575,1196/54,1812
19323 Maifest Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$517,7044/43,4182
12303 Terrace Cove Lane, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$350,0004/33,0531
19130 West Josey Overlook Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$649,9004/33,7141
18611 N Colony Shore Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$399,0004/33,5161
19703 Raccoon Hollow Way, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$486,9004/33,3992
12326 Brook Cove Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$459,9004/34,1061
19715 Raccoon Hollow Way, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$489,9004/33,3992
19731 Raccoon Hollow Way, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$424,9004/32,9431
18306 Hughlett Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$309,0004/32,7952
16811 Apple River Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$345,0004/33,2202
19503 Arbor Lodge Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$375,0004/22,8422
18122 E Allen Shore Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$399,0004/34,1432
17011 Brickellbush Court, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$318,0004/22,7382
12215 W Rice Meadow Circle, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$360,0004/33,3502
18822 N Thomas Shore Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$525,0005/44,3652
18602 Juniors Map Court, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$422,0005/34,1842
17115 Astin Mansion Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$528,9925/43,7662
19315 Trinity River, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$548,1604/33,9662
17018 Canosa Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$315,0003/22,2802
16206 Davy Crockett Court, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$485,0004/33,0651
12314 Brook Cove Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$415,0004/33,6202
16118 Lower Pecos, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$287,4404/22,1882
17511 W Bremonds Bend Court, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$1,295,0005/55,9662
18807 Cove Vista Lane, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$785,0005/45,3322
18507 W Laura Shore Drive W, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$350,0005/33,6062
17102 Upton Hill Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$447,9004/43,6382
18415 W Morgans Bend Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$387,4004/33,5432
16103 Lower Pecos Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$285,0004/22,3972
18619 N Colony Shore Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$474,9995/44,2772
19527 Mills Glen Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$325,0004/33,0582
19122 Cove Manor Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$650,0004/34,5832
18626 Gail Shore Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$379,9004/34,3582
19307 Rock Pigeon, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$341,9904/32,3611
18402 Hughlett Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$449,0005/43,3762
12314 Meadow Blossom Lane, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$265,0003/22,2521
19523 Bella Arbor Lane, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$448,0004/33,0421
18535 First Landing Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$299,7173/21,7221
18903 Cheetham Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$489,9194/33,0931
16835 Seminole Ridge, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$369,5474/32,7142
17310 Martinet Court, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$603,2595/54,5412
16719 Seminole Ridge, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$325,5473/32,1731
12322 Brook Cove Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$437,9004/34,1622
17006 Avion Village, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$699,3865/54,4062
18546 Central Creek Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$311,5353/32,4072
16914 Himley Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$620,1055/44,2542
18410 Blue Hollow Heights Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$300,0004/32,1881
12007 Cove Hill Lane, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$625,0005/44,7142
16719 Heron Wing, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$276,4973/22,1142
16715 Heron Wing, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$269,5473/21,7962
19246 Bullard Creek Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$409,5854/33,3082
16803 Miller More Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$719,3455/54,8362
18903 Galloway Reach Dr, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$609,3654/44,1192
17023 Apple River Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$289,9003/22,2482
17106 Astin Mansion Lane, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$489,0004/44,0872
19415 Maifest Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$547,9975/43,7662
16226 Folk Festival Place, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$566,1725/44,2002
18547 First Landing Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$276,1973/21,5851
19035 Fire Tower Hill Place, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$481,8324/33,6262
16214 Davy Crockett Court, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$607,2223/33,8172
16207 Frog Pond Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$649,9505/54,5412
19403 Water Bridge Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$479,0005/44,1922
18906 Glidden Stream Lane, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$566,9115/44,1172
16906 Avion Village Dr, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$549,1085/44,4322
18902 Colonial Hill Dr, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$568,8885/44,0572
19319 Maifest Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$469,0005/43,7662
17103 Texas Lancer Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$499,0005/44,1992
12015 Bayou Junction Road, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$369,0005/43,6682
19122 West Josey Overlook Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$825,9005/44,9672
16723 Heron Wing Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$269,5473/21,9062
16703 Heron Wing Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$289,5473/22,1142
17327 Morgans Lake Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$440,0004/34,1502
18807 Box Fort Lane, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$449,1824/32,8242
18811 Rock Pigeon Trail, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$677,3315/44,3932
16927 Seminole Ridge Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$260,0003/22,3392
19310 Kenwood Haven Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$425,0004/33,9462
18139 Williams Elm Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$349,0004/33,3982
12011 Moonlit Falls Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$410,0004/33,9642
16926 Paynes Creek Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$349,9004/33,0122
12203 Augustus Venture Court, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$450,0004/34,0762
18802 Rock Pigeon Trail, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$620,5264/44,0952
16522 Mount Hope Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$589,9834/43,3812
19114 Bickham Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$645,4335/54,5472
12206 Cove Bluff Court, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$289,9004/32,7152
19403 Egret Haven Lane, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$440,0004/33,6302
17106 Texas Lancer Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$439,9905/43,7162
16627 Amelia Island Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$345,0004/32,9282
18919 Steep Step Trail, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$549,9944/43,8361
16823 Aston Main Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$399,9994/33,2132
19014 East Josey Overlook Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$869,9005/44,9312
19303 Trinity River Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$499,0004/44,0872
12302 Brook Cove Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$440,0004/34,2832
18307 E Laura Shore Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$324,9904/33,0711
17102 Texas Lancer Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$499,0005/44,2002
17111 Covey Trail, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$498,0004/44,0872
19014 Ridge Cove Lane, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$345,0005/33,6102
17302 Martinet Court, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$580,0775/44,1832
12431 N Austin Shore Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$299,9904/22,9432
17519 E Bremonds Bend Court, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$775,0004/45,3432
19214 West Josey Overlook Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$880,9005/45,5372
16918 Himley Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$682,1805/44,3582
18919 Cove Bend Lane, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$524,9005/45,5082
19127 Watchful Willow, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$426,4063/33,0432
19307 Maifest Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$485,0004/33,8932
19226 Bullard Creek Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$422,6064/33,1902
19222 Bullard Creek Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$407,5644/32,9362
17307 Heron Crest Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$595,0005/44,4992
17110 Covey, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$475,0004/33,6212
17111 Massanet Point Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$419,2803/32,5961
19014 Tumlinson, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$597,3205/43,9992
18310 Central Creek Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$370,5474/22,4001
16627 Madison Midway Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$437,1515/43,4652
17219 Williams Oak Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$290,0004/23,1372
17223 Red Oak Bend Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$309,9004/32,9522
19206 West Josey Overlook Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$749,9004/34,2971
16410 Mount Hope, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$475,8654/43,3372
18907 Galloway Reach, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$598,2124/44,2032
17522 E Bremonds Bend Court, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$810,0004/44,9902
18902 Glidden Stream Lane, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$724,5055/54,2692
16503 Mount Hope, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$424,9905/53,3372
19115 Watchful Willow, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$415,0573/32,5961
16910 Himley Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$576,1965/44,2462
18534 W Laura Shore Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$350,0004/33,7112
19311 Maifest, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$450,0004/33,4032
17506 E Bremonds Bend Court, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$855,0005/44,8182
16819 Osprey Bend, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$289,5473/22,2072
19111 Watchful Willow, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$419,3343/32,8041
16710 Madison Midway, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$418,9845/33,4762
16911 Canosa Drive, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$279,9003/22,2742
17103 Massanet Point, Cypress, TX 77433BridgelandSingle-Family$421,8063/32,8891

Recently Sold Homes in Bridgeland

Address Community Sold Date Property Type Price Range Bed/Bath Sqft Stories  
16514 Mount Hope Drive, Cypress, TX 77433Bridgeland07/17/2018Single-Family$370,001 - $420,0004/32,7851
18615 Emhouse Lane, Cypress, TX 77433Bridgeland07/17/2018Single-Family$325,001 - $370,0004/32,8931
19526 Mills Glen Drive, Cypress, TX 77433Bridgeland07/16/2018Single-Family$215,001 - $250,0003/21,8641
18519 First Voyage Court, Cypress, TX 77433Bridgeland07/16/2018Single-Family$250,001 - $285,0004/23,0322
19207 Tapalcomes Drive, Cypress, TX 77433Bridgeland07/13/2018Single-Family$285,001 - $325,0004/32,5982
18406 N Settlers Shore Drive, Cypress, TX 77433Bridgeland07/13/2018Single-Family$325,001 - $370,0005/33,8722
12102 Coldwater Cove Lane, Cypress, TX 77433Bridgeland07/13/2018Single-Family$285,001 - $325,0004/22,6092
19322 TAPALCOMES Drive, Cypress, TX 77433Bridgeland07/13/2018Single-Family$250,001 - $285,0003/21,9501
17014 Seminole Ridge Drive, Cypress, TX 77433Bridgeland07/12/2018Single-Family$215,001 - $250,0003/21,5471
19003 Fire Tower Hill Place, Cypress, TX 77433Bridgeland07/11/2018Single-Family$420,001 - $482,0004/33,1602
18706 Thomas Survey Drive, Cypress, TX 77433Bridgeland07/11/2018Single-Family$420,001 - $482,0005/44,3522
16819 Amelia Island Drive, Cypress, TX 77433Bridgeland07/11/2018Single-Family$285,001 - $325,0003/22,1911
17314 Martinet Court, Cypress, TX 77433Bridgeland07/10/2018Single-Family$552,001 - $627,0004/34,2802
18422 Hughlett Drive, Cypress, TX 77433Bridgeland07/09/2018Single-Family$370,001 - $420,0003/22,6791
16519 Cancy Creek Drive, Cypress, TX 77433Bridgeland07/05/2018Single-Family$420,001 - $482,0004/33,5862
12003 S Founders Shore Drive, Cypress, TX 77433Bridgeland07/03/2018Single-Family$370,001 - $420,0004/33,9062
19106 Panther Cave Court, Cypress, TX 77433Bridgeland07/02/2018Single-Family$325,001 - $370,0004/32,5982
19327 Maifest Drive, Cypress, TX 77433Bridgeland06/29/2018Single-Family$420,001 - $482,0004/44,0002
17202 Williams Oak Drive, Cypress, TX 77433Bridgeland06/29/2018Single-Family$325,001 - $370,0004/33,2522
19303 Fort Leaton Lane, Cypress, TX 77433Bridgeland06/29/2018Single-Family$250,001 - $285,0004/21,9021

Bridgeland School Information

Elementary School Middle School High School School Distict
Coulson Tough Tough/McCull The Woodlands HS Conroe
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