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A storyteller's thoughtful reflection. An artisan's loving touch. A family home founded in the values of a strong community. "Handcrafted" is often difficult to quantify, but always evident to those who appreciate the simple elegance of masterful design.

Living in Aliana allows you to express the artistry of its design in how you make your home and raise your family. Like the care, pride and attention to detail that go into creating a fine piece of furniture, Aliana has handcrafted an environment in which you can create family traditions, build lasting friendships, welcome neighbors and enrich your life.

Where you live changes how you live. Aliana has created a place where necessities and niceties are artfully woven into the fabric of our community. Our exclusive Club at Aliana, a stylish and immense amenities center, exemplifies this best. Here, an entertaining and dynamic gathering place for Aliana residents, featuring all the finer points of a handcrafted lifestyle.

The Club at Aliana & Swim Center. Splashed with luxurious amenities, daily life at Aliana begins to feel more like a vacation resort than simply a community. After-work laps at the swim center become the norm.

Meanwhile, the neighborhood kids gather at the activities swim center for a game of volleyball or some playtime on the super slide. Your book club is only supposed to meet once a week, but the Club at Aliana & Swim Center is hard to resist. Perhaps you and your friends will take up a culinary class as well. Morning jogs start on the trail and finish on the treadmill. Parties begin in the reception hall and end on the patio. Embark on life’s amazing journey at Aliana – the return will be even greater.

Living in Aliana provides a daily connection with nature. Miles of hike and bike trails, all landscaped with native flora beautify the neighborhoods and surrounding areas.
Small streams and fountains within the community adorn the gorgeous parks winding through it. Even our signature entryway is designed to mark Aliana as a special place, yet become part of the landscape that hearkens back to a more naturally inspired, community-oriented time.
Like a tapestry, the landscape will grow to include small touches of stone walls naturally merging into the scenery. Offering gentle, rolling movement all future plans of both plantings and walkways will be artfully woven into the environment. Take time to reflect and value such sublime peace. Handcraft your life.

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Aliana Real Estate Overview:
  • Currently there are 167 homes for sale in Aliana .
  • The average price of the homes for sale in Aliana is $439,668.
  • Aliana Average Price/Square feet is $133.
  • The average square of the homes in Aliana is 3,358 sqft.

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Neighborhood Facts for Aliana

Name Aliana
Homes for Sale 167
Average Price $439,668
Average Price/Square Ft. $133
Average Bedrooms 4.27
Average Baths 3.25
Average Year Built 2016
Average Square Ft. 3,358

Neighborhoods in Aliana

Recently Listed Homes for Sale in Aliana

Address Community Property Type Price Bed/Bath Sqft Stories  
18110 Gilbreath Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$415,0004/32,9102
17414 Browning Trace Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$339,5004/22,7241
10507 Largoward Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$319,9004/22,2671
10603 Inverclyde Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$380,9004/32,4381
18318 Dalyell Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$359,9004/22,1871
10618 Largoward Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$416,9004/32,7972
17011 Mahogany Trace Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$439,9005/44,3812
17810 Netherby Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$389,0003/32,8661
17107 Kildonan Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$349,0004/32,9772
16906 Huttons Court Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$400,0004/33,7062
11122 Wych Elm Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$309,5004/22,7692
10602 Pearl Landing Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$545,0006/45,0022
11610 Novar Gardens Avenue, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$449,9955/33,0112
11630 Novar Gardens Avenue, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$495,9955/43,9262
11611 Arbirlot Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$449,9954/33,0612
10011 Hazel Woods Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$309,9994/33,1081
17631 Quiet Shores Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$285,0003/22,7082
10407 Viscount Landing, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$450,0004/33,3701
17611 Melmore Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$697,3505/45,3852
17319 Fechser Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$356,8004/33,2922
17606 Hanoverian Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$525,0005/44,6322
18207 Glen Shee Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$384,9004/32,5891
11207 Rossie Moor Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$665,0004/44,7042
17419 Hanoverian Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$415,0005/43,9112
16807 Dunbar Grove Court, Sugar Land, TX 77498AlianaSingle-Family$225,0003/22,0181
17219 Bland Mills Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$459,9004/43,2041
10518 Largoward Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$349,9004/32,4731
10927 Colinton Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$345,0004/32,8561
18222 Dalyell Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$349,9004/32,5291
17522 Woodfalls Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$329,5004/32,8482
11226 Balmullo Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$672,9005/44,1982
17202 Whitlam Place, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$499,9904/43,6391
11023 Glenrothers Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$339,9004/32,6541
16830 Kilgarth Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$325,0004/32,6341
17010 Mahogany Trace Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$459,0006/34,4202
18326 Rowand Path, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$319,9004/22,1871
18202 Nisbet Crossing, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$368,9004/32,7141
11027 FLANKER WAY, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$459,5004/42,7382
17918 GLENLORA CT, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$487,2113/33,0962
11222 Balmullo Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$549,9004/33,5811
11203 Balmullo Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$629,9005/44,2002
11630 Glendale Rise, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$529,0004/34,1042
11002 Giffnock Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$525,0005/34,2642
10606 Comeaux Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$749,0005/46,1622
17703 Browning Trace Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$324,9994/32,9732
10215 Bellago Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$309,0004/32,8602
17318 Pentland Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$399,0004/33,5892
17610 Yorkhill Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$319,9894/32,6932
11002 Shettleston Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$399,5005/34,1532
17606 Yorkhill Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$375,0004/32,8481
17323 Quiet Shores Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$320,0004/22,7721
17215 BLAND MILLS LANE, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$437,5005/54,1682
10719 Pilkington Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$302,5903/22,1111
10503 MUIRTACK, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$483,0194/33,5982
10715 Pilkington Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$298,4653/22,0471
10607 Glengorm Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$308,9404/32,0971
10618 Davlee Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$289,1904/22,0391
10419 SHANLEY TRACE LN, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$525,0005/54,7072
10315 Lockharton Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$319,0004/32,6551
11015 Kirker Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$379,9005/33,4032
10827 Naburn Gate, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$389,9005/43,8022
18414 Aberfeldy Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$395,0004/43,0482
18102 Nisbet Crossing, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$332,0004/32,5891
17706 Browning Trace Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$284,0004/22,3291
17203 Bland Mills Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$374,9004/33,0951
10702 Claythorne Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$499,9005/44,4892
11138 Croftmore Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$405,0004/33,0582
11007 Flanker Way, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$400,0003/32,8661
10914 Glenrothers Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$429,9004/33,1401
11023 Croftmore Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$395,0004/33,0582
11111 Ormrod Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$390,0004/32,8281
11630 Palliser Place, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$486,4425/43,7662
11027 Glencorse Avenue, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$407,5004/32,9551
11030 Dumbreck Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$415,0004/32,9551
11230 Balmullo Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$635,9005/44,1972
17610 Lanarkshire Crossing, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$524,9905/44,2372
11362 Sandhaven Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$669,9005/44,7322
17511 Hankar Way, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$465,0004/33,4981
11006 Giffnock Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$495,0006/54,2952
10719 Stone Isle Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$575,0005/44,1972
11403 Clapperton Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$539,9904/33,8722
11402 Clapperton Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$499,9905/43,8382
17526 Hankar Way, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$575,0006/54,2892
11227 Oudney Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$591,9004/33,5811
11108 Ormrod Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$363,0004/32,5131
11218 Rattray Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$629,9005/44,1952
11215 Rattray Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$599,9005/44,1982
11223 Balmullo Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$621,9005/44,2002
17415 Straloch Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$648,6835/44,5832
17202 NEWTONMORE, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$434,8885/43,5922
11631 Curate Wind Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$486,2734/33,9002
16819 Lessels Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$462,2534/32,7571
11607 Arbirlot Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$489,6445/43,7902
11618 Palliser Place, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$495,1425/43,7662
17426 Straloch Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$581,6513/33,8052
17430 Galloway Forest Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$612,4065/44,1992
17203 Pentland Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$469,0005/44,3002
17219 Milrig Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$405,0004/33,0962
11120 Glencorse Avenue, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$390,0004/32,7691
18323 Dalyell Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$374,9004/32,7822
10603 MUIRTACK, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$469,9904/33,5982
17530 Hankar Way, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$449,8604/33,7302
17110 Nitshill Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$335,0003/32,9041
10707 Battenrock, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$481,9564/43,4282
11406 Clapperton Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$510,9905/34,3042
18330 Argyle Park Trace, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$503,9905/33,8172
10507 Muirtack Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$462,8574/33,5852
17422 Galloway Forest Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$622,9905/44,5832
18122 W Glenlyon Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$369,0005/43,2402
10603 Largoward Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$374,9004/32,5041
10515 Menelaws Trail, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$349,9004/32,4731
10518 Menelaws Trail, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$329,9004/22,2671
11623 Curate Wind Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$490,5925/43,7662
11603 Palliser Place, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$453,7034/32,7571
10407 Wittet Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$289,4403/21,8571
11110 Glasgill Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$439,9005/33,8962
11026 Croftmore Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$349,0004/32,4631
11123 Dumbreck Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$405,9004/33,0952
11104 Lowthorpe Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$399,9004/32,9351
11122 Croftmore Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$349,9003/32,5831
10618 BATTENROCK, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$458,9904/33,5572
10519 BATTENROCK, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$459,9904/33,5982
10503 Comeaux Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$643,0005/45,4172
18310 Rowand Path, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$349,9004/32,5891
18314 Dalyell Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$374,9004/32,7972
18407 Aberfeldy Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$380,0004/33,0072
11318 Sandhaven Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$582,8524/33,2001
17111 Winter Hedge Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$379,9005/33,7612
11115 Lowthorpe Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$375,9904/32,7862
11111 Lowthorpe Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$373,0004/32,7891
11022 Croftmore Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$375,0004/32,8572
17511 Galloway Forest Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$1,135,0005/44,7072
17030 Rydal Grove Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$359,0004/32,8722
10607 MUIRTACK CT, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$382,8884/32,7991
10603 BATTENROCK CT, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$402,9904/33,1772
17511 Hanoverian Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$430,0004/34,0862
11222 Rattray Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$646,9005/54,1922
18227 Muscatelli Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$589,9005/44,1952
10715 Claythorne Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$715,0005/45,6292
11106 Fermill Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$330,0004/22,3721
10510 BATTENROCK CT, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$409,9995/43,2252
10607 BATTENROCK CT, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$452,8884/33,6002
11103 Glencorse Avenue, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$385,0004/32,7691
18311 Handyside Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$649,0005/44,5912
11114 Croftmore Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$395,0004/33,0552
17314 Newtonmore Crossing, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$449,8834/33,0841
17114 Chalmers Close Ct, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$399,0004/33,3241
17706 Netherby Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$353,0003/32,7161
18223 Port Dundas Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$349,9003/32,5831
1249 Island Boulevard, Crystal Beach, TX 77650AlianaSingle-Family$299,0003/21,1401
11426 Robillard Way, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$455,6204/22,6951
10011 Mystic Springs Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$280,0004/32,8122
17202 Hanoverian Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaLots$169,990/0
11107 Dumbreck Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$359,0004/32,7862
11111 Dumbreck Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$379,9904/32,9912
10918 Croftmore Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$359,0004/32,8701
11403 Finavon Lane, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$584,7963/33,1512
17322 Milrig, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$459,9906/44,2582
11431 Sandhaven Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$539,0005/04,2272
18307 Chancewell Ct, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$365,0004/32,8192
17214 Newtonmore, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$460,0004/43,3842
17306 Hanoverian Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaLots$159,990/0
11322 Aberdour, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$590,0005/54,4672
10807 Battenrock Court, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$420,0004/43,1902
11615 Arbirlot Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$497,9955/43,6002
11314 Aberdour, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$560,0005/44,2272
17310 Meadow Light Drive, Richmond, TX 77407AlianaSingle-Family$300,0004/33,2701

Recently Sold Homes in Aliana

Address Community Sold Date Property Type Price Range Bed/Bath Sqft Stories  
10619 Menelaws Trail, Richmond, TX 77407Aliana07/19/2018Single-Family$285,001 - $325,0004/22,1871
11126 Croftmore Drive, Richmond, TX 77407Aliana07/18/2018Single-Family$325,001 - $370,0004/32,7381
10702 Belshill Street, Richmond, TX 77407Aliana07/18/2018Single-Family$325,001 - $370,0004/33,3062
11003 Giffnock Drive, Richmond, TX 77407Aliana07/13/2018Single-Family$370,001 - $420,0004/33,7292
16903 Talisker Court, Richmond, TX 77407Aliana07/09/2018Single-Family$370,001 - $420,0004/33,5402
17515 Astrachan Road, Richmond, TX 77407Aliana07/09/2018Single-Family$482,001 - $552,0005/45,0342
17327 Quiet Shores Drive, Richmond, TX 77407Aliana07/06/2018Single-Family$285,001 - $325,0004/32,8241
17035 Mulben Court, Richmond, TX 77407Aliana07/06/2018Single-Family$325,001 - $370,0005/43,2052
17427 Endel Way, Richmond, TX 77407Aliana07/06/2018Single-Family$370,001 - $420,0005/43,9702
10522 Menelaws Trail, Richmond, TX 77407Aliana07/06/2018Single-Family$325,001 - $370,0004/32,7822
11206 Mellingshaw Lane, Richmond, TX 77407Aliana07/06/2018Single-Family$285,001 - $325,0004/32,6771
11134 Croftmore Drive, Richmond, TX 77407Aliana07/05/2018Single-Family$370,001 - $420,0004/32,9551
11030 Croftmore Drive, Richmond, TX 77407Aliana07/02/2018Single-Family$325,001 - $370,0004/32,9342
18207 McNish Lane, Richmond, TX 77407Aliana06/29/2018Single-Family$325,001 - $370,0004/32,9582
11630 Curate Wind Court, Richmond, TX 77407Aliana06/29/2018Single-Family$420,001 - $482,0005/43,7902
17302 Aldenwilds Lane, Richmond, TX 77407Aliana06/28/2018Single-Family$215,001 - $250,0003/21,8101
17506 Endel Way, Richmond, TX 77407Aliana06/28/2018Single-Family$420,001 - $482,0004/33,5591
18123 Nisbet Crossing, Richmond, TX 77407Aliana06/28/2018Single-Family$285,001 - $325,0004/32,5752
11130 Croftmore Drive, Richmond, TX 77407Aliana06/28/2018Single-Family$325,001 - $370,0004/32,9032
18211 McNish Lane, Richmond, TX 77407Aliana06/28/2018Single-Family$325,001 - $370,0004/32,7691

Aliana School Information

Elementary School Middle School High School School Distict
Coulson Tough Tough/McCull The Woodlands HS Conroe
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We love living here. The neighborhood is upscale with beautiful lakes and trails. Our neighbors are extremely nice. Can't imagine living anywhere else!
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