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Re Za

Is buying a piece of land and building your own house a good idea?

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Is buying a piece of land and building your own house a good idea?

By Re Za   
Posted on Sep 04, 2017 in Topic: Home Builders
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Posted: 2 months ago
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Michael Jobin
about 2 months ago
Hi Re Za,

Many people buy lot only or "tear downs" and then work with a builder to build their home. I did it with my home in the BOCA area. It is a great way to get the home you want in the location you want. One item to look out for (and having a good agent helping you can be key) is to make sure what you want to build in the space you find, will be allowed by any restrictions in the neighborhood or area.

I would be happy to interview for the job as your agent if you choose to work with one. Real Estate professionals bring value.

Michael Jobin, SRES

about 2 months ago
Dominik Szabo
about 1 month ago
Dear Reza,
Buying land and building your own home may be good idea , it depends on you and your needs.
One thing to keep in mind is that there are many legal and financial aspects of the process as you need to buy land (if you don;t have cash, then you need to find a special financial institution that will finance your purchase, then you need a bridge or construction loan, afterwards you need to refinance the house.
as you see the process is definately mre involved. I recommend that you make sure that you work with a realtor who has experience and can guide you in the process.

Call me for a no-cost no obligation Consultation.

Dominik Szabo
Brockway Realty
(832) 844 1724
The Doctor of Real Estate in Houston Texas
" Professional, Courteous, and Informed "

about 1 month ago
Mercedes Clarke
about 5 days ago
Hi Re Za--
The answer is never black or white. It all depends. If you are looking for a starter home and build some equity, this is not a good idea. For that, you should buy an older home that you can still fix a little bit, build some equity and then re-sell when you get ready to buy your "forever" home. However, if you are ready for that forever home and want it custom, building your own home might be the ideal thing for you. New builds have longer warranties, and you can usually choose your floor plan and finishes. Hope this helped.

about 5 days ago
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