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how do i find foreclosures

Viewed: 808 , In Foreclosures & Investments - about 2 years ago - Asked by a REALTORS®
Under the disclosures tab there is an option for foreclosures

about 2 years ago
On click on "find a home", and from the drop down menu go about halfway down the list and click on "foreclosures", the resulting screen will be where you put in your search criteria for foreclosures, here's the link to the "foreclosure" search page,

Hope this helps you!


about 2 years ago
On Tempo, you would up a custom search choosing 'disclosures' as one of your search criteria. One of the 'disclosures' choices will be 'foreclosure'.

about 2 years ago
I also like to look under "Corporate" in the disclosures section as well as "foreclosures." Click both just to be safe. You'll see some relocations, but some listing agents also use "corporate listing" for foreclosures

about 2 years ago . There is a way for you to search for disclosures of Foreclosures.

about 2 years ago

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