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I am dedicated to helping you find your dream home.

In this era of volatile home values I will help you pick the best home for you and your family. Although the overall fall in values in the Houston area has been far less other sections of the US, neighborhoods vary greatly, some losing and others gaining value and these differences can sometimes be very great.

With years of full time experience and a long term committment to excellence I will assist you in buying in the neighbrhoods that match your wished for lifestyle. Expert in all phases of Real Estate, I will lead you past the potential traps and bring to focus those points that most miss in choosing a home or area in which to live.

If you wish to purchase a newly constructed home I have many years of experience guiding people in decisions that are best for them and their family in the new home market and I will be pleased to help you get the most home for the money.

How to start? Just as easy as giving me a call at 281-610-6982 or sending me an email at Or just text me, I frequently use texting as a quick means to get the ball rolling.

If you would like to see how much you can afford at today's incredibly low rates (you might be pleasantly surprised):

Give me a call now and we can start to find your dream home.


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